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04/20 What You’re Saying: Nicole Mayer, Robert Campbell, Mary Lindsley, Robert H Appleby , Justin Waterfield, Judy Ramsey Roberts, and Douglas Hines

Like your kids live here

Speeding is a big issue that is commonly seen around Lumley road, Skybrook, and Azalea Drive in Durham. Many accidents are caused by speeding and as a result, many lives are lost. Speeding occurs the most in drivers of ages 15 to 25 years old.

I am writing this in hopes that Durham will do more to enforce speed limits in these areas where many children play. On the first block of Skybrook alone there are 14 children under the age of 15 that play outside almost every day. After a few neighbors pointed out this problem to me, I now constantly see it happening. I’ll see someone in their sports car speeding down Azalea and turn onto Skybrook without even stopping. The older kids will see the car turn and yell for the little ones to move out of the road and the driver will only slow down for a second and then speed again down the road.

I strongly encourage people to help by putting up their own signs such as the “drive like your kids live/play here” signs. I hope that it will not take a fatality for people to start listening and obeying the speed limits in neighborhoods.

Nicole Mayer


A simple immigration step

This morning I opened an email from Congressman David Price in which he stated:

“We must never forget that we are a nation of immigrants, founded as a refuge for the persecuted and oppressed. Ultimately, we must comprehensively reform our immigration laws to fix this issue once and for all. Until then, I will continue to fight for a more just, humane, and sensible immigration policy that reflects our constitutional values of equality and inclusion.”

In today’s paper there is an article on Faith IDs. These are local documents and have no value against deportation. My letter to Congressman Price asks a simple question: Why not submit a bill that only modifies an existing law that would protect against deportation and provide a path to citiizenship. This bill would modify the U-Visa program which is already in existence for undocumented residents to report criminal activity without fear of deportation.

A small modification to this existing law would go a long way to providing the reform of immigration laws which Congressman Price is supportive.

Robert H. (Bob) Appleby


Help save preschool

The Chapel Hill Cooperative Preschool, one of the first fully integrated child care centers in the South, is at risk of shutting down if the Town of Chapel Hill does not grant an extension to a construction site plan they approved a year ago.

This will leave 70 families, including mine, scrambling for child care in a town where most private and public pre-K programs have long waitlists.

The CHCP bought land to build a state-of-the-art facility to unify two different sites – the infant/toddler location and the 3- to 5-year-old program – each currently paying rent to area churches located on opposite sides of town.

A unified location would significantly alleviate stress on our family. Demanding work schedules mean that occasionally one parent has to drop off or pick up both kids. I’ve found myself cruising through Blue Hill (formerly the Ephesus-Fordham district) only to get stuck in traffic along Fordham Boulevard, with my blood pressure rising as the clock ticks closer to 5:30 p.m.

The CHCP is not a chain, but an independent nonprofit. We value our kids, teachers, parents and neighbors. We pay teachers a living wage. We’ve worked diligently to assuage concerns regarding the proposed construction and, in so doing, the site plan has expired. An extension should be pro-forma, but the planning commission postponed voting on the matter until May 1. This means we will all once again show up at the Chapel Hill Planning Commission meeting at Town Hall to voice our support.

Mary Lindsley

Chapel Hill

The power of mentoring

Re Zacki Murphy’s column “The orphan chef, the kindly professor and Dr. Bagby’s Spoon Bread’”:

These stories emphasize the power of “mentoring” or just sharing life with someone younger and encouraging them with worthwhile life skills. May Vladic's experience at Chef's Academy prepare him for a successful career just as Dr. Bagley’s time with Zacki helped prepare her for later life successes.

Judy Ramsey Roberts

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Minister for sheriff

I want to announce my support of Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood’s bid for re-election. With Sheriff Blackwood’s leadership, the Sheriff’s Office has become a valued partner and active supporter of our communities. It is common to see a deputy in his patrol car parked outside our community center and churches, helping us to peacefully worship inside. Office members, including the sheriff himself, join us at community events held at RENA, and their presence is embraced.

Sheriff Blackwood exudes genuineness and welcomes members of the community to contact him on his personal cell phone when they encounter almost any kind of difficulty. He has revitalized Sheriff’s Office programs that serve our community elders as well as worked on new initiatives that aid people suffering from opioid addiction; divert first time offenders from entering the criminal justice system; and increase and strengthen the public’s trust in law enforcement.

Over the last four years, I can say that his career has taken on a community view of partnership to improve the quality of wellness for the whole community of Orange County. He is responsive to the needs of the community, and the experience he has gained from the position benefits all of us. Sheriff Blackwood is committed to working with all communities to make the County a safer place for everyone. I invite you to join me in voting Blackwood for Sheriff on May 8.

Minister Robert Lee Campbell

Chapel Hill

Thank you, Sen. Tillis

While I may not agree with him on a lot of issues, I feel that it is important to give respect and gratitude when it is earned. I would like to pass along sincere thanks and continue to encourage Sen. Tillis for supporting a pro-Mueller bill. It is very important that Special Counsel Robert Mueller gets his chance to finish his investigation and to do it thoroughly.

So, I thank you Sen. Tillis for doing the right thing, even though it may anger or enrage your base!

As a constituent, I can say I support this.

Thank you!

Justin Waterfield


The case against meat and dairy

With the 50th observance of Earth Day on April 22, each of us can contribute by reducing our driving, use of electric energy, and consumption of animals.

Yes, that. Last Fall Oxford University’s prestigious Food Climate Research Network and Germany’s Heinrich Bolle Foundation concluded that solving the global warming catastrophe requires massive shift to a plant-based diet. A 2010 United Nations report blamed animal agriculture for 70 percent of global freshwater use, 38 percent of land use, and 19 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon dioxide is emitted by burning forests to create animal pastures and by operating farm machinery to grow animal feed. The more damaging methane and nitrous oxide are released from digestive tracts of cattle and from animal waste cesspools, respectively.

Moreover, meat and dairy production dumps more animal waste, crop debris, fertilizers, pesticides, and other pollutants into our waterways than all other human activities combined. It is the driving force behind wildlife habitat destruction.

In an environmentally sustainable world, meat and dairy products in our diet must be replaced by vegetables, fruits, and grains, just as fossil fuels are replaced by wind, solar, and other pollution-free energy sources.

Let’s celebrate the 50th observance of Earth Day at our supermarket.

Douglas Hines


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