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04/14 What You’re Saying: Samuel Haswell, and Kathy Repass

Reconsider super street

The new synchronized intersection, or “super street,” at the junction between Andrews Store Road and U.S.15-501 has been a misuse of state resources and funding.

The plan was proposed to lower crash rates at the intersection by adding a median and taking away the left turn. This intersection comes out at the end of Andrews Store Road, which not ony has two schools but a large multipurpose neighborhood with parks and trails. Because it receives so much traffic, there are many opportunities for accidents.

In order to make a left turn at this “super street” these vehicles must turn into oncoming traffic (which has a speed limit of 55 mph) and pull off on the shoulder to merge with traffic. This situation is precarious, especially for buses and trucks.

“Super streets” are supposed to improve safety and lower accident rates as well as improve traffic flow. However, the U-turn poses the same issues as left turns into traffic; a four-way stop light would allow people to make safe left turns without the threat of oncoming traffic. The Department of Transportation should reconsider the “super street” at Andrews Store Road and U.S. 15-501 because it presents issues with rerouting traffic in a dangerous way.

Samuel Haswell

Chapel Hill

Where is the leadership?

Our economy. Our state’s success. The livelihoods of many North Carolinians. These are all being jeopardized and I haven’t seen our senators doing anything to protect our citizens.

Down East North Carolina depends on hog farming. Everyone who lives in North Carolina knows about our pigs. And, this state is also indebted to the tobacco industry.

I don’t smoke. And, I can’t remember the last time I ate pork. But that’s irrelevant because China is one of the largest consumers of both of these key agricultural exports.

Do you think that maybe, just maybe, this president – with his Russian connections – is deliberately striving to tank our economy?

Congress has let him run rampant with election meddling. They’ve turned a blind eye on his infidelities, ignored the millions of tax payer dollars spent on his weekend golfing outings and kept silent as he’s broken the emoluments clause.

Now, it appears as if they’re happy to let him destroy North Carolina’s ecomomy.

Each day, I become more disillusioned with our congressional lack of leadership.

If Burr, Tillis, Holding and the like won’t stand up to the White House for the sake of our citizens, the least they could do is to show some concern for two of the crops that have been consistent cornerstones of our state’s economic success.

Kathy Repass


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