Letters to the Editor

03/31 What You’re Saying: Barry Walker, Harold Moore and Mark Ortiz

Officers support Orange sheriff

As retired law enforcement officers, we invite you to join us in supporting Sheriff Charles Blackwood as he seeks re-election May 8. Each of us has worked alongside the sheriff on a daily basis and has firsthand knowledge of the power of inter-agency collaboration. Charles makes it a point to partner with our communities, schools and as many outreach programs as possible, and does so in a positive, professional and compassionate manner.

During his initial campaign, Charles vowed to modernize the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Since his election, he has accomplished just that. The office has acquired much needed updated equipment, and Patrol, Detention, and Administration have all begun to receive additional training that enables them to perform their jobs as safely and effectively as possible.

The Sheriff’s Office is experiencing consistently high morale, and now is the time to ensure that it continues, and as such, again, I ask for your support. Charles is a sheriff that stands behind and supports the men and women of this office.

This letter was submitted by Barry Walker of Hurdle Mills on behalf of Lt. Tommy Hamlin (retired), Sgt. Ron Holmes (retired), Cpl. Hal Durham (retired), Cpl. George Snowden (retired), Sgt. Glenn Brockwell (retired), Lt. Harold Horne (retired), Captain Jimmy Nida (retired), Lt. Mark Lankford (retired), 1st Sgt. Brian Ashley (retired), Captain Barry Walker (retired), Lt. Marvin Clark (retired), Lt. David Hughes (retired)

Will miss staff photographer

It is sad news indeed to hear that staff photographer, Bernard Thomas has been let go. That there will no longer be a photographer on staff of our daily newspaper. A staff that began when Charles Cooper was hired as the Herald's first full-time staff photographer in 1945 and grew to a staff of 12 while I was the director of photography, before the paper was sold to the Paxton Group in 2005.

Bernard was the first staffer I hired after I became director in 1986, and I have enjoyed his photography these 30 some years.

Harold Moore


Stop fracking

Amid all of the ordinary corporate corruption described in “ACP can’t enter some private properties, federal judge says” (Mar. 22), one erroneous claim stands out as particularly salient and, sadly, uncorrected. Duke Energy and Dominion, the big-money interests behind the ACP, frame fracked ‘natural’ gas as a clean and modern energy source.

It is a grave mistake to think of fracked gas as clean. Gas is a major source of methane, an ultra-potent greenhouse gas 100 times more powerful a heat-trapping agent than carbon dioxide. Research conducted by Cornell’s Bob Howarth indicates that the methane released during the fracked gas boom of the past decade is accelerating rather than slowing climate change. Though promoters tout fracked gas as a “bridge fuel” to a clean energy future, investment in the costly extraction and transport infrastructure it requires actually draws vital resources away from truly clean sources like solar and wind, locking in a future of climate chaos.

Rather than suing landowners like Marvin Winstead and Ronnie Locke, Duke Energy might better serve the population of North Carolina by listening to the countless voices rejecting this pipeline and taking steps to re-engineer our energy system for the 21st century.

Mark Ortiz


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