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03/28 What You’re Saying: Wayne Goodwin, Joe Moran and Chapel Hill Historic Civil Rights Commemorations Task Force

Gnashing not enough

Last Wednesday’s editorial cartoon illustrating MAGA’s wasteful military budget was brilliant. One drawn detail is lacking, however: a Democratic donkey standing next to the GOP elephant.

Pampering the Pentagon is one of those rare bipartisan issues where lawmakers consistently trip over one another to bestow more money on the military establishment than what has been officially requested. Our own Senators Burr and Tillis are right there with them.

As a result, we charge down the path of funding the “world’s largest war machine,” (the tab for just two items: upgrading our nuclear bomb arsenal and manufacturing and maintaining a fleet of F-35 fighter bombers, comes to more than $2.5 trillion), while giving “crazy wasteful tax gifts to the super rich.”

It is insane. The cartoon nails it perfectly. America’s and the world’s poor are the biggest losers.

Gnashing one’s teeth over the injustice is not enough. Disaster looms unless we revolt and elect wise leaders who make diplomacy and disarmament paramount, and ensure that these receive as much -if not more funding- than the trillions that we currently lavish on the Pentagon.

Joe Moran


Common-sense proposals

Saturday, as thousands of students across the country and our state marched to protest gun violence in our schools, North Carolina Democrats were proud to re-affirm our commitment to meaningful gun reform in North Carolina.

Our children deserve to feel safe at school and common-sense proposals like banning bump stocks, raising the assault weapon purchasing age, strengthening background checks, and implementing red-flag policies deserve bipartisan support. The young people marching are demanding change. It’s time Republican lawmakers listen.

Wayne Goodwin

The writer is the chair of the N.C. Democratic Party

What do you remember?

Share your experiences. Tell your stories.

The Town of Chapel Hill Historic Civil Rights Commemorations wants to hear from people who lived in Chapel Hill during the 1960s.

We want to include all notable events, people and places during the Civil Rights Era in Chapel Hill.

Share your experiences:

▪ Online – Fill out an online form. www.chapelhillpubliclibrary.org/civilrights

▪ Record a voicemail message – 919-642-3629

▪ In Person – We can record your memories and experiences in person. Contact Molly at 919-969-2028 or mluby@townofchapelhill.org

Learn more at chapelhillpubliclibrary.org/civilrights

Historic Civil Rights Commemorations Task Force

Chapel Hill

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