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03/22 What You’re Saying: Shrihan Dadi, Ashley Winton, and Evelyn Dove Coleman

On the Horizon

The Horizon Newsletter started by a group of teens (Shrihan Dadi, Pavitra Madala, Sumanth Anantha, Amuktha Dasari, Pranay Koneru, and Harvik Kolla) is dedicated to informing the public about our views on the world around us and topics that we can talk about.

We hope to connect with others of our age and allow them to voice their opinions as active members of this society. We inform teens and the RTP public about local events, health information that is for general use, new technology, entertainment, and academics/useful study tips, among other topics.

We encourage youngsters to submit articles for our newsletter, and .we would greatly appreciate if people would view and subscribe to our newsletter (http://horizonnewsletter.weebly.com/) and give us feedback about it.

This initiative is sponsored by a not-for-profit organization called “We Strive” (registration is in-progress) which was founded by Srini Anantha and Suresh Vellanki

Shrihan Dadi


Girl Scouts making change

Since 1916, Girl Scouts have been making meaningful, sustainable change in their communities and around the world. The Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout can earn, acknowledges the power behind each recipient’s dedication to not only empowering and bettering herself, but also to making the world a better place for others. Recently, multiple girls in the Durham community have earned their Girl Scout Gold Award for their Take Action projects.

Aysia Swepson earned her Gold Award by creating a LifeSkills booklet for families with one or both parents in incarceration that included information on housing, community resources, employment and building family relationships.

Mikayla Sortisio completed a project addressing the issue of infants and children being left in hot cars, and designed brochures, presentations, and more in English and Spanish as a public service announcement.

Brynn Merritt earned her award by creating a green screen room at Pearsontown Elementary School to allow for a virtual, interactive way of learning and provide students exposure to advanced programs and software.

Kelli Hutson received her award for a project where she provided baskets filled with activities and comfort items to chronically ill and seriously ill children, which she delivered to children’s hospitals to help relieve their stress and anxiety.

Megan Bean-Ross’s project involved educating children about healthy eating and the ways they could stay fit through dance through a 14-week program at Forest View Elementary as a way to prevent childhood obesity.

Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines congratulates these women for earning the Girl Scout Gold Award, given to fewer than 6 percent of Girl Scouts annually. These outstanding young women join generations who have earned their Girl Scout Gold Award while making a difference in their communities both locally and globally.

Ashley Winton

Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines

What would Jesus tweet?

I still use a flip phone. There, I said it.

Each time I venture out to lunch or to meet friends for dinner, my little phone is the topic of discussion. Everybody and all their families think I need to upgrade to a smart phone.

I always say the same thing. I love my phone. It fits into my leather holder perfectly. Things are worse than that I am not a fad follower. I am a true dinosaur. When the fax machines first came out, I resisted buying one because I preferred using the postal service to mail my documents. Imagine that.

I wish I could say that I am more progressive when it comes to computers. I still use an old tabletop computer which has a graying screen. Someday I will reluctantly replace it. Through the years, I have bought at least 10 computers and laptops for my twin sons as they went through high school and college. But I held on to their first computer, a PS-1, until IBM stopped making repair parts for it. I guess I hate to put old horses out to pasture.

Just as I failed to jump on the smart phone band wagon with $800 phones with cracked screens, I am not on Facebook or Twitter. Being a private person, I just don’t see the point of sharing every life moment with the world on social media. I stay in touch with family and friends all year with little notes or emails, so I am content. However, the daily twitter storms that are being discussed in the media have left me wondering, “What would Jesus tweet?”

One morning we could wake up to television and radio reports and newspaper and online headlines that describe an overnight tweet: “I told you I would return. I have sent you many signs. Be prepared in the near future. #Jesus”

Evelyn Dove-Coleman

Kinston, N.C.

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