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03/14 What you're saying: Chuck Mann, and Mark Greenberg

Term limits limit power

The Chinese dictatorship is getting ready to eliminate term limits for their leader. Without term limits President Xi Jinping can rule for as long as he likes just like Mao Zedong, and the emperors. I am a big supporter of term limits. I personally think that all elected officials should be limited to one term, or two non-consecutive terms. ''Our'' president can prove that he is against authoritarianism and Communism, and a supporter of democracy by limiting himself to one term.

Any politician that thinks that he should rule, lead, or ''represent'' forever is someone that should have his political power limited. Term limits would make our system more democratic and give more power to the people. Kings, tyrants, despots, and emperors have always been against term limits for themselves. Political power corrupts. All political power should be limited.

Chuck Mann

Mr. Ravitch's letter ("Palestinian propaganda," March 7) provided historical facts in his response to the letter of Mr. Markatos ("UnJewish? Yes," March 3)). I’d like to add some history that Mr. Ravitch did not focus upon.

First, there is no “regime” in Israel. The Palestinian (Arab) Authority is a regime. Israel is a democracy in which Arab-Israelis vote and there is Arab representation in the Knesset as well as in the IDF, courts, hospitals and universities. That there is an “occupation” by Israel of what is commonly referred to as the ‘West Bank’ is a term that can be debated. However, that it is a “brutal” one, as Mr. Markatos states, requires some evidence. Are the Arabs confined to camps similar to the refugee camps established by the Palestinian Authority? No. Are they prevented from working, even working in Israel? No. Do the Israeli indiscriminately incarcerate Arabs? No. Are Arabs being murdered by the Israeli police? No. The term “brutal” is more appropriate for those Arabs who indiscriminately murder or try to murder Israelis on what seems to be a daily basis.

As for the “armed robbery of land” by Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria started the war in 1967 and they lost. Losing land is what happens in war. And it is definitely a reach to say that Jewish “terror campaigns were driving Palestinian Arabs from their homes.” First of all, the term “terror” is best applied to those whom the Arabs revere as “heroes” for indiscriminately killing Jews. Secondly, history does not see it that way — the Arabs warned the Arab residents to leave before Jordan and Syria initiated hostilities. Last of all, I prefer not to use the term Palestinian in place of Arab since both Arabs and Jews can be considered Palestinian (belonging to Palestine, a term the Romans created).

Mark Greenberg


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