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03/07 What you’re saying: Greg Humphries, Barry Browner, and Josh Ravitch

Healing won’t come from destruction

It seems as if the good city of Durham is following the unhealthy example of San Francisco by not enforcing laws that it chooses not to agree with. It makes one wonder what they won't prosecute next.

If you believe that this act of vandalism was about black oppression that warrants destruction of property to offset a wrong committed almost 160 years ago, well no one will be able to help with that. The destruction of one or every statue in the nation will not erase the past history nor promote any form of healing. Healing of this sort comes from within.

I choose to believe that this is not about black and white history. This is about socialism, communism and capitalism because the groups that were there – Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and World Workers Party – stand for socialism, communism, with death to cops and capitalism.

As for a ban on any firearms, don't believe it will work. You can make new laws or enforce the ones we have already to try to keep children safe. I've heard and read all kinds of facts to back the anti-gun lobby. So here are a few more not so well known, these from 2015 stats. All rifle deaths were 252, all knife deaths were 1,544. Child abuse and neglect deaths 1,670. And this was truly astounding, 11 teen deaths a day (4,015 year) while texting and driving.

Agree or disagree, but read up.

Greg Humphries


Palestinian propaganda

Jerry Markatos (“UnJewish? Yes” March 3) unfortunately falls hook, line and sinker for Palestinian propaganda. A brief primer on some history may promote a better understanding of the facts on the ground. For starters, the Jewish people are not recent occupiers of their land; they are indigenous. The Jews have had a 3,000-year presence there, long before biblical kings David and Solomon. A rabbi by the name of Jesus roamed around and preached in Jerusalem, as well as Samaria and Judea, now known as the West Bank.

The people referred to as Palestinians, many of whom immigrated to Israel in the mid 1900s from Syria, Jordan, Egypt (home to Yasser Arafat), Iran, and Iraq, have ruled themselves in Gaza for 12 years. They choose to live under Hamas rule, an organization the USA and EU consider be terrorists, without functioning government institutions. Under Hamas, they continually squander billions of dollars of our American foreign-aid tax dollars on missiles and terror tunnels used to kill Israelis, as well as payments to terrorists, rather than building water, electric, and other infrastructure. Even though they repeatedly attack their neighbors in Israel, the Israelis still supply medical care, food, water and electricity to Gaza. Would Mr. Markatos turn the other cheek and supply his neighbors with food, medical care, and utilities if they were shooting, stabbing, and firing missiles at him?

Regarding the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, the “Palestinian” founder is Omar Barghouti, who was born in Qatar, raised in Egypt, and then lived in the USA until he moved to Israel after marrying an Arab-Israeli at the age of 29 … just another classic Palestinian profile. Unlike Mr. Markatos’ naïve wish, Barghouti makes no bones about the fact that the BDS campaign is not intended to come to a peaceful two-state resolution. Rather, he explicitly states the intent is to end the Jewish state of Israel.

Josh Ravitch

Chapel Hill

Off the charts

Re: Teachers with guns ... consider this ...

The high school band director (with a gun) who has an oboe player who continually plays out of tune and plays lots of wrong notes!!!

Barry Browner


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