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03/02 What you’re saying: David Polewka, Roger W. Allison, Jerry Clem, Timothy Bender, and Fenton McGonnell

Refer troubled teens

Re: “Parkland students demand change,” Feb. 26, by Leonard Pitts

Our judges require alcoholics and other addicts to attend support groups; why can’t they also send troubled teens to appropriate self-help groups? Alcoholics and addicts are consumed by resentment and self-pity; troubled teens often are, too, especially when bullied, like the Columbine shooters and others.

David Polewka

Chapel Hill

Time to regain your voice

Durham Mayor Schewel stated in his State of the City address that Durham is receiving precious little federal help. It’s no secret that Durham has been abandoned federally while citizens remain voiceless in D.C. Our U.S. House representative, G.K. Butterfield, elects to sit during the president’s SOTU address when In God We Trust, MS-13 arrest progress and black unemployment at its lowest rate is announced.

No surprise, look at his record. More than 75 percent of North Carolinians claim to be Christian; yet, he is the only N.C. delegate netting a perfect NIACAction.org 100 percent rating supporting Iran while rejecting Israel’s claim to Jerusalem as its capital. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood has given him an A score because of his support of abortions beyond 20 weeks while there are 1,200 homeless children in Durham. His immigration stance supports giving rewards (e.g., tuition) to illegal aliens while Durham black unemployment is the highest in the country at 38 percent and he votes against bills eliminating regulations that stifle jobs.

Congressional district citizens are tired of voting for D.C. puppets who don’t prioritize N.C. voices first. For these reasons, I am running for District 1 U.S. House of Representatives in 2018. I am a businessman understanding how to grow businesses and to create jobs while having a faith-based barometer. I pledge to represent everyone equally and to make North Carolinian voices my vote in Washington! Join me to defend American values and families while making NC prosperous.

Roger W. Allison

Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives

Builders’ problems

Re: “Immigrant workers are ‘scared stiff.’ Why it could make housing even more expensive,” Feb. 28

My heart goes out to the plight of our local builders and their staffing problems. However, last I knew they were required to verify status of their employees. But, as we all know, they evade this by hiring subcontractors to avoid any responsibility and possible prosecution. There are plenty of areas in our state and nearby states that have the opposite problem. Hire them and stop whining.

Fenton McGonnell


A gutless decision

I totally agree with Kent Fletcher's letter as well as the other like-minded persons regarding the district attorney's decision to drop all charges against those who took down the Confederate statue.

It is clear by the video what took place by the mob.

It doesn't matter if it was a statue of a Confederate soldier, Harry Potter or Mickey Mouse. It was on government property.

I think it was a gutless decision and only gives the culprits belief that they can get away with breaking the law again.

Shame, shame, shame!

Jerry Clem


Someone need to be brave

I am writing to express my concerns about gun safety in the wake of 20 years of remarkable mass shootings.

I consider myself a left-leaning moderate. I do not own guns, but I have many friends and family who do and fully support them for making that choice. Because the people I know with weapons, including AR-15s, do so as responsible owners.

There must be a way to reduce the number of mass shootings with sensible gun legislation. I am not allowed to bring a water bottle on an airplane. I must register to vote. I must have a license to operate a motorcycle. How do we hold gun ownership – a right that is endlessly more complex – to a lower standard on principle? Why must innocent children be taken from us as the price of freedom?

Senator Tillis and Senator Burr must consider reasonable and sensible gun-control legislation and consider turning down NRA donations in the future. Someone needs to be brave, and they seem to be the ones who can do it.

Timothy Bender


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