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02/27 What you’re saying: John R. Rice, Matthew R. Smith, and Tony Madejczyk

Let’s teach respect

Arming teachers in schools?! Sounds exciting (and inconceivably stupid) but I wonder what would happen if we chose to first allow teachers and school systems to once again have the authority to expect and enforce polite behavior from students and to expect support from parents at home?

Teaching students respect for adults, authority and for each other might be going “old school” but also save a tad on the cost of ammunition, Kevlar vests, other tactical “gear” and liability coverage for the staff.

John R. Rice, MD


The law and ill intent

In the aftermath of the Parkland school shooting and the red-hot discourse that has followed, it is easy to understand why so many people are clamoring for some sort of legislative action on gun control. There are many sensible measures being proposed such banning of the bump stock, raising the age before one can purchase an AR-15. However, the main course of action most often proposed and touted is banning the AR-15 altogether.

The main questions that must be asked is if banning the AR-15 would prevent these shootings from happening in the future and would it have prevented this one? The answer I believe would be no.

This man and others who have committed these shootings were insane and unstable people who were intent on doing harm to others for whatever reasons. Making certain weapons illegal would mean that these killers would only use other weapons (hand guns, shot guns, knives or anything else). That being said, it is undeniable that certain people should not have access to firearms of any sort and new background checks and other measures such as banning the aforementioned bump stock are worth enacting and promptly.

But the false choice that is offered up again and again when these unfortunate events happen, is that by simply promoting a vague notion of gun control that these violent terrible acts will somehow cease. For in the final analysis, no law can or will ever be able to regulate criminal and ill intent.

Matthew R. Smith


No thanks, GOP

A Polish doctor, a Palestinian chemist – just a few of the people ICE is about to deport because their papers weren’t in order. Both men don’t know a single word of their native language, because they’ve been building productive lives in America since they were brought here as children.

Then I read an invitation in the Herald-Sun to join the GOP. Are these heavy-handed deportations part of what the Durham County Republican Party stands for? Is this how you “MAGA”?

We’ve just seen another school shooting in Florida. Republicans are on record as wanting to replace public schools with profit-centered institutions. Do the shootings play into their strategy of depicting public schools as “unsafe”? Is that why we can’t reduce the 300 million guns in circulation right now? In a fear-based security state the NRA gets to sell guns to both sides – brilliant!

When the Durham County Republican Party gets its act together with constructive, meaningful ideas that help make our communities stronger and safer, perhaps then I will give them an ear.

Tony Madejczyk


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