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02/17 – What you’re saying: Marcia Morey, Gordon Hansen, and Michael Thomas Whittingham

Why I voted against HB 90

The class size “fix” bill is a misnomer. It was a tablet of aspirin that temporarily relieves the pain for a year, but the migraine will come back with vengeance as counties will be stuck with billions of dollars in new infrastructure needs.

What was touted as an “education” bill also included provisions that will divert money for environmental protection and changes the configuration of the Board of Elections. It was a dirty piece of legislation that has no severability provision. If one piece of the law is found to be unconstitutional, the entire law fails.

The roll-out of this legislation was done behind closed doors and dropped on our desks three days before a vote was called. No opportunity was given to amend or improve this legislation.

I am vehemently in favor of smaller class sizes with full funding for our constitutionally protected sound, basic education for students which includes music, art, physical education. Universal Pre-K is imperative, but HB 90 fails to deliver what is proposed. It is underfunded, while not $1 was allocated to county governments to pay for massive infrastructure costs, projected to be $8 billion. Local governments will now be forced to raise taxes or pass bonds to build classrooms to meet the mandate of 18 children per class for kindergarten through third grade.

HB 90 threw our public schools kids onto the political playground. Children come first, not political play.

Marcia Morey

N.C. House of Representatives, District 30

Proud Americans

It was a great thrill for millions to view the introduction of our athletes, smiling and obviously proud to be Americans as they walked behind the American flag. Many walkd arm in arm, clearly showing the world that America is the greatest nation on earth and they were proud to be part of it.

We recall with utter disgust how, just a few months ago before the Olympic parade, some egotistical, pampered football players refused to honor our American flag, making a statement about their harsh treatment by kneeling on the sidelines. They felt rejected because they had not received the praise and honor they so richly deserved because they could run and throw a pass. Their exalted opinions of themselves resulted in many fans turning off the games.

Many will likely continue to show their feelings next season. One would have to question their motives, like patriotism or egotism. The answer I believe is loud and clear. Hopefully, these deluded players will find their actions have little value to real patriotic Americans.

Gordon Hansen


Pence’s Olympic moment

Just wanted to explain Vice President Pence's actions at the opening ceremonies of the winter Olympics. He simply had a “WWCD” moment (what would Colin do?).

Michael Thomas Whittingham


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