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02/14 – What you’re saying: T. Greg Doucette, and Jim Ellis

A good day for 2nd Amendment

Regarding your news story “He brought a semi-automatic rifle to a rumored KKK rally. Here’s why he got off.” (Feb. 8)

Thursday was a good day for the Second Amendment. Kudos to Scott Holmes and his team for their willingness to defend the entire Constitution, and not just those parts of it that are fashionable.

But praise is also due to Judge Jim Hill. Our legislature has not taken kindly to judges declaring its laws invalid, as seen in the near-constant tinkering with how judges are elected. Yet Hill not only did that on Thursday – declaring a legislative act both unconstitutionally overbroad and vague – but also did so knowing the end result would be the dismissal of charges against a man self-described in your story as a “committed, dedicated revolutionary.”

Hill came to the right conclusion, regardless of the ire it would raise among the political class in Raleigh. That commitment to the rule of law is precisely the type of discernment Durham needs in its judges.

T. Greg Doucette

The Law Offices of T. Greg Doucette, PLLC


The writer is a former Republican candidate for N,C, Senate in 2016, and attorney defending Elijah Pryor whose charges were also dismissed.

Pence was inapproporiate

The United States is a country consisting of states united as one. Vice President Pence is attending the Winter Olympics as a representative of the greatest unified nation on the planet, whose core ideal is a place to live in peace and freedom.

North and South Korea were able to but their differences aside to participate as a signal nation. Pence, who sat in the VIP box with North Korea representatives, didn’t acknowledge them. The Trump administration needs to rise above who they really are and represent the people of the U.S. appropriately.

Jim Ellis


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