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10/16 Your letters: Robert Campbell, La Toya Hankins, Suellen Kaltenbacher, Tunia Hyland, Alice Zuber, Penny Gahan, Fran Merriman, Helen Frey, Marian Oliver Rich, Vicki Dawes, Anne Tyler, Cecily Sharp-Whitehill and Nancy Ringold

Foushee for alderwoman

I am writing this letter on behalf of Barbara Foushee, who is running to become alderwoman for the Town of Carrboro. I have had many opportunities to work with her including on the executive committee for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP. She has also been a big supporter for the Annual Back to School Bash held in Chapel Hill during the second week of August. When we look at our communities in the light of the shallow depth of justice in our society, we realize that we need individuals who will stand up for social justice, and this is why I highly recommend Mrs. Foushee.

Mrs. Foushee will illuminate the halls of justice and the meeting rooms where decisions are made. She has been dedicated to this community and also with the NAACP, effortlessly standing for the equality of life for all people ensuring that the quality of life is preserved for the future. As alderwoman, she will bring forth positive change within Carrboro to make the quality of life equal for all of those in the area.

Mrs. Foushee is reliable and dedicated to a higher commitment and is led by the calling of justice for all that promotes peace with vision for all people and good understanding. I have observed her hard work and enthusiasm for all that she does and participates in. I give my full support and stand with Mrs. Barbara Foushee as a candidate for alderwoman. I am confident that she will be a beneficial addition to the Town of Carrboro.

The Rev. Robert Campbell

Chapel Hill

Foushee devoted to community

This letter is to give a ringing endorsement of Barbara Foushee for the position of Carrboro Board of Aldermen.

I have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand Foushee’s devotion to community service as a fellow member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. She serves as the backbone of the chapter, constantly identifying opportunities for members to serve others. Her leadership spearheaded our ongoing support of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro CROP Hunger Walk as well other initiatives. Foushee serves as the adviser for our UNC-Chapel Hill chapter, imparting her wisdom and experience to help guide current and future leaders.

Foushee’s community resume is exceptional. While serving as a devoted sorority member, she also serves as the Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP branch secretary, Orange Water and Sewer Authority board member, Blue Ribbon mentor within the Chapel Hill-Carrboro schools, and vice-chair of the Carrboro Human Services Advisory Board. Her platform of promoting and advocating for justice, affordable housing, and economic growth and development as a Carrboro Board of Aldermen candidate serves as confirmation of her goals to continue to enrich her community.

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. members pride ourselves of being “A community-conscious, action-oriented organization” In my view, Foushee’s community involvement, demonstrated leadership, and capacity to give back in profound and focused ways exemplifies our motto. Foushee would be a tremendous asset to continuing Carrboro growth as an alderwoman.

La Toya Hankins


Unfair financial burden

Regarding the story, “The state goofed on her disability checks. Now this 74-year-old amputee owes North Carolina $19,000” (Sept. 17)

We are writing on behalf of Carla Shuford in reference to an overpayment of her benefit checks from the State of North Carolina for the last seven years. An error was discovered at this late date and now the overpayment of approximately $19,000 is to be reimbursed. This is not an isolated case as about 60 people are in the same situation due to a mistaken calculation by North Carolina officials.

Carla is a high school classmate of ours dating back to the 1960s, and we are concerned about the additional financial burden that has suddenly been imposed on her. In true Carla form, she is very upset over the situation that affects the other 60 people along with her own position.

Carla has worked hard all of her life and faced many obstacles that most of us cannot even imagine. She has been volunteering for many years; always putting others ahead of herself. She is an animal advocate and supports many causes.

Carla is a beacon of light to the entire class and we are dismayed over her facing the situation of correcting the financial mistake made by the officials in charge of disability assistance checks in North Carolina.

We care about Carla and love her with all of our hearts.

Suellen Kaltenbacher, Tunia Hyland, Alice Zuber, Penny Gahan, Fran Merriman, Helen Frey, Marian Oliver Rich, Vicki Dawes, Anne Tyler, Cecily Sharp-Whitehill and Nancy Ringold

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