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10/10 Your letters: Mark Leedom, Claire King, and Tony Madejczyk

‘My Daddy’s gun’: A response

Regardng the My View colum by Robin Kirk “My Daddy’s gun” (Oct. 5):

I had an outcome similar to Kirk’s father’s. I accidentally killed something and found it upsetting. However, that steeled my resolve to learn to use firearms safely so I would never kill again unless it was intentional and I felt I had no other recourse.

I am the type of person who prepares for things. I check the air pressure in my spare tire. I would never get caught in the Atlanta ice storm without a coat or proper shoes. I carry a small fire extinguisher in my vehicle. There are many types of fires were a fire extinguisher will not manage to do much, but sometimes having one when a fire is small and the fire department is nowhere around can make a big difference.

I feel the same way about firearms and the police department. Statistically, there is a zero percent chance that I will ever need to use a firearm to defend myself. If I find myself in a position where I need to use a firearm to defend myself, my preference will still be to defer to the police department if they’re available. That said, I carry a firearm in case “statistically zero” becomes “100 percent certain”.

Mark Leedom

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Rooftop rapper offends

Saturday night, Sept.23, I came to the DPAC for a show after dinner at The Tobacco Roadhouse, which I enjoy and do frequently. We arrived at 5:45. There was an open rooftop event a block away from the theater. It was an extremely loud rapper using very clear language about what people can do to Trump and what people do to their mothers. I think you get the gist.

There was a wide varied of ages attending and I can’t help thinking there were many who thought it was too loud, invasive and offensive. It wasn’t as if I haven’t heard or used the verbiage before, but I was offended. It made me wish the noise violation had been addressed by law enforcement and the old “decency laws” were still on the books and if they were, wonder why they weren’t enforced.

I feel Durham would not like to present itself in such a manner, especially to a great many from out of town, and feel law enforcement failed in that area.

Claire King


Guns, guns and more guns

If you don’t have a little voice in the back of your head asking, “Jesus, are these massacres really necessary?” then stop reading here. I am not going to change your cold, dark, heart.

Just to clarify, I believe Americans, with proper training and in good mental health, have the right to own these destructive tools for simple self-defense, hunting, and target shooting. Period. Not this other crazy stuff.

Let’s follow the money. The NRA spent $30 million to help elect Donald Trump. They will expect a return on their investment, as they do with other politicians, including our own Sen. Thom Tillis ($4,418,833 of $27 million used to buy off Congress). The NRA does not have your safety in mind when they throw their members’ dues and gun makers’ profits around like that. The NRA is here to sell guns, guns and more guns. Marketing professionals like myself know that fear, and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is one of the most effective ways to “push” gun sales. Remember when Obama was going to take your guns? What? You say he didn’t?

The deaths of hundreds of innocent adults and children is the price we pay through these massacres. Then thousands more in gun-assisted suicides, accidental shootings, domestic disputes, and targeted murder. And then there are the horrific injuries. (Just ask Congressman Scalise.) The final tally is millions of lives interrupted by these deadly instruments, which have come a long way since 1776. The financial cost? Billions in lost wages and of course that thing Americans do best – health care!

A handful of children perish while caught in the trunk of car and we, as a society, mandate to build little escape latches for the low probability of another such incident. And no such deaths have occurred since. Because we value children.

But we will see more human carnage, forever, because we value guns and gun profits over American lives. Is this what the Founding Fathers meant by “a well regulated militia?” Is this how we promote “the security of a free State?” Put that in your prayers tonight. Since that’s our only option right now.

Tony Madejczyk



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