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What you’re saying: Charles E. Seten, Alvin Bolick, Michael Ross, and Alan Culton

Trump a case study

In the interview by Zachery Eanes (“U.S. Rep. David Price: Lawmakers must be prepared to remove Trump,” The Herald-Sun, Sept. 1), Congressman David Price says there are two issues that could be the basis for removing the president: the Russian investgation and the emoluments clause creating financial conflict of interest.

Several senators and House members suggest a third area of major concern is his mental health. I suggest all members of Congress “Google” psychopath and malignant narcissism. You will find listed traits and behaviors of both conditions. You decide!

Trump defenders will invoke the Goldwater Rule which states that one should not make a diagnosis without personally interviewing the patient. That is appropriate much of the time, but psychiatrists learn their trade by reviewing case studies of various illnesses. President Trump has hundreds of hours of audio, video and Twitter data that far exceed the data that could be obtained in a “50-minute hour” interview. Take for example the multiple positions and “alternate facts” he has stated and delusional thoughts he has expressed. He is a case study! There is concern that the ongoing pressures of the office will increase the symptoms of his condition and end in disaster.

Congressman Price, please do the Google exercise stated above and encourge your fellow members of Congress to do the same. It may remind you of someone!

Thanks for your good work in Congress and try to get us all out of this dangerous situation.

Charles E. Seten, M.D.


An alternative view on the Mideast

Regarding the recent op-ed “Blind support of Israel erodes American liberties,” (The Herald-Sun, Aug. 25), the authors can be reassured that their right to demonize, delegitimize and use double standards to attack Israel is well protected.

The federal anti-Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) legislation in no way abridges their freedom of speech. They and their affiliated groups can continue to boycott Israel and campaign for others to follow suit.

They can continue to find common cause, with Bashar al-Assad, Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS and the mullahs in Iran, to undermine the only state in the world, established to protect the Jewish people and the only true democracy in the Middle East. The op-ed writers may be embarrassed to know that “The Daily Stormer” shares a part of their agenda, too. This infamous neo-Nazi website and advocate of the fascist protesters in Virginia, has long been a supporter of BDS against Israel.

Here is an alternative view which calls upon Palestinian leaders to:

▪ Stop celebrating, promoting and orchestrating terror.

▪ Stop squandering the international funding you have received to enrich yourselves and to build the infrastructure of terror.

▪ Work to improve the well-being of the Palestinian people, rather than try to destroy their neighbor Israel; the nation which provides not only the model for, but potentially the resources to help build a successful Palestinian society.

Sadly the op-ed authors’ ongoing campaign against Israel only helps sustain a downhill path for the Palestinians. I wish the op-ed writers and followers could shift their mission, from dismantling Israel, to building the infrastructure of a thriving Palestinian state at peace with Israel, (for the betterment of both peoples.) That is an infrastructure which would include women’s and gay rights, freedom of speech, of religion, and of the press, and where the democratic rule of law supersedes the rule of the gun.

Regarding freedom of speech, let it be noted, that under today’s unreformed Palestinian leadership, voicing such a vision may put the speaker at considerable risk.

Michael Ross


Voice for Israel

Who won the doughnuts?

School teachers imitated the criminals who destroyed public property to see who would win the doughnuts from the president of the Durham Association of Educators Bryan Proffitt. (“Durham teachers in photo re-enacting Confederate statue toppling were competing for Krispy Kreme doughnuts,” The Herald-Sun, Aug. 30)

They were so proud of this stupid act that they even posted it on social media, and it made the news media. But they used their own cell phone camera and it was after school hours; oh well, I guess that makes it OK. And I guess they own the school building where they performed this contest for the Krispy Kremes to be delivered by the DAE president himself.

And these are some of the teachers teaching your children in Durham; wow, how smart they are going to be. This is a slam on the good teachers of Durham, and they don’t even get a doughnut. What a shame.

I agree with Cristina Laila, “Taxpayers must demand that the teachers involved all the way up to the principal and superintendent are held accountable” she wrote. “These people are teaching young students that dressing like Antifa terrorist and destroying property is acceptable.” 

My thoughts are these people should be shipped off to an asylum to check if these people are competent enough to be around children. Now who won the doughnut?  

Alvin Bolick


Harvey’s silver lining

The news that was hot a year ago has come and gone. Remember when North Carolina was being boycotted for HB2? Just two years ago the people of Houston, Texas, voted to ban transgender people from the ladies room. Probably not a good idea to boycott Houston right now as the ladies room is now under water. Silly boycotts are for comfortable times.

But if Harvey has a silver lining it’s that the statue people and the anti-Trump media had to move over for real news at least for this week. The Russians must be behind this.

Alan Culton

Chapel Hill

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