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What you’re saying: Margaret Sims Hood, Bob Andron, Janie Wagstaff and Joe Moran

Doctor helped slave women

The narrative in our local newspaper, “Statue of surgeon who experimented on slave women under attack,” (The Herald-Sun, Aug. 30) by Deneen L.Brown, columnist for the Washington Post, was totally mixed with personal opinion and some truth.

Ms Brown pursues the fact that Dr. J. Marion Sims was a racist. How very untrue.

Dr. Sims provided many great medical services to the Negro population who were ignored by their owners. He was a “saint” to those women who were cured of their horrible diagnoses. Not only were female maladies ignored, so were the health and welfare of children.

Dr. Sims came from most humble beginnings. He was born in Lancaster, South Carolina. He dedicated his life to the suffering of women, black or white! He was man of great faith. His success at operations on women was heralded all over the country.

Dr. Sims was truly a giant and gentleman in discovering the treatment for all women, even into today’s journals of gynecology.

Margaret Sims Hood


How we remember matters

Our Civil War was a tragedy of immense proportions, snuffing out lives in both the North and South.

A far greater tragedy, one that lies at the heart of the current national debate about monuments, is that white Americans bought, traded and exploited black human beings for almost 400 years; and preserving that institution was a professed reason for the South’s secession.

Americans today reject slavery as abhorrent. That it endured for so long can be explained only by attributing it to a communal hardening of the human heart.

Would it ever be possible to provide adequate remuneration to descendants of those so cruelly enslaved? The fact that Congress annually refuses even to discuss the issue of reparations speaks volumes about our inability to confront our historic culpability.

Monuments and memorials to the victims of slavery and to the casualties of that tragic conflagration are appropriate in cemeteries, churchyards and museums where we can pause and ask forgiveness for grievous past failures.

As for statues honoring generals and apologists of white supremacy, place them in battlegrounds facing those fields where so much innocent blood was shed on account of this shameful and inglorious heritage.

Joe Moran


Old Democrat playbook

The popular vote count says Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by 3 million votes. But the Democrats, who are becoming more and more unhinged with their “resistance” campaign, saw staggeringly low donations in July.

Anti-protesters are in the streets by the thousands, but the millenials who mostly make up these groups had only a 50 percent turnout in the election. The divisiveness of identity politics has not translated into wins as evidenced by recent special elections with Democrats losing all four.

So when the Democrats’ Papa John’s slogan redux “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future.” fell flat, the Democrats drop back to an old playbook: Republicans are racists.

But with a majority of governorships and state houses won during the Obama administration, Republican majorities in both houses of Congress and now a Republican president, does anyone believe that Republicans could win that many elected offices by being racists?

Janie Wagstaff


Bias for the truth

Is there bias in mainstream news? Well, yes; but it’s a BIAS for the WHOLE truth. This forces “mainstream” to cut through the duplicitous one-sided remarks of self-serving politicians and ideologues – who conveniently leave out the rest of the truth but add “read your history,” or other such inane retorts.

Fake news is an epic epidemic. And the people who named it – have perpetrated their insidiously repurposed propaganda to fulfill their simplistic racist ideologies.

In plain English, they’re not just liars, they’re damn liars, trying in vain to place the blame any where other than to admit to and accept their own perfidious nature.

Bob Andron


What you’re saying

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