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What you’re saying: Emily Eve, Weinstein, Jane S. Gabin, Martin Eagle

Put living artists to work

Is there really space for all these statues celebrating our country’s racism? Since the statues were erected the population has more than doubled. There are very good photographs documenting every one of the Confederate militia. Why not turn them into modern art refabricated by living sculptors and jewelers?

Right here we have the Orange County Artist Guild with several of our members already repurposing outdated materials. Oh, and those fabulous pedestals need to have something by a living artist mounted on them and a new inspiring inscription by a local living poet.

How many of these statues do we need in museums? We have a really wonderful opportunity here for new art to help make “the South ride again” in a positive inclusive way generating inspiration in new art!

Also, every time I see the Confederate flag flown I see hate and bigotry – the response most of us hold toward the swastika. There is no purpose in hurting so many of us, besides the actual physical space these antiquated structures are taking up.

Emily Eve Weinstein

Chapel Hill

Fact check needed

I assumed that the Herald-Sun checks letters to the editor to make sure they are not the ravings of the severely misinformed. But maybe not. Some of the errors in Charlie Lunsford's letter of Aug. 20 are so off-base that I am surprised they have been printed. Perhaps that was deliberate, to make sure your readers are alert!

Mr. Lunsford is protected by the First Amendment of course, to say anything he pleases, even if it is incorrect. But in today's America, where people blindly believe falsehood and scoff at facts, printing his views is a dangerous precedent. He says that most Confederate statues were built during the Jim Crow era (yes, true) and “during the civil rights movement of the 1960s” – WHAT?

Then he launches into an attack on George Soros who, he says, worked with the Nazis in WWII; hardly likely – he was their potential victim, and only 15 when the war ended. I am not surprised that Lunsford and others of his ilk continue to spout myths and allegations. The unpleasant surprise is that a usually fair publication like the Herald-Sun gives him a podium.

Jane S. Gabin

Chapel Hill

Editor’s note: Gabin is right. Roughly 75 percent of Confederate monuments were erected before the civil rights era, according to Punditfact. It was the Confederate flag that gained prominence at that time, the fact-checking source reports. As for Soros, “despite politically-motivated rumors to the contrary, billionaire leftist George Soros was neither an SS officer nor a Nazi collaborator during World War II,” according to the fact checking source Snopes.

Uncourteous camps

Along with 20 to 30 others I waited to view the eclipse atop the parking deck at the American Tobacco Campus. Expecting crowds, we all got there two hours early. Ten minutes before the peak, security guards and a management representative arrived to force us all to leave immediately, despite my polite request that they wait for this brief interval.

I think this was petty, unnecessary, and a perfect example of how a little power turns a little person into a big fool. Needless to say, there is now an angry group of people much less willing to visit this facility.

Martin Eagle


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