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08/20 – What You’re Saying: Charlie Lunsford, Polly Mixon and Christopher Smith

A daily reminder

There has been a lot of talk regarding Confederate monuments. To those who support leaving them, I would say:

We don't still have statues to George III of England, everyone in this country learned about the Revolutionary War. I managed to learn this without venerating what this country views as its previous oppressors.

Most statues were erected during Jim Crow and the height of lynchings, and during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Now if I were a betting man, I would say that suspicious timing looks an awful lot like racists putting those statues up to thumb their noses at minorities, and not, say, venerating the historical legacy of the South.

These statues aren't even the real problem. The real problem is the shocking number of people willing to openly (in a day and age of ubiquitous video recording) give a Nazi salute, wave ethnonationalist flags, and chant racist slogans.

The statues are the daily reminder that many in this country are either ignorant of its shameful past, in denial about it, or trying to rewrite it in order to suit their abysmal agenda.

The Confederacy fought for slavery. They said so in their secession orders and speeches. Not really a debate. I say this as someone who is directly descended from TWO signers of the South Carolina secession order. I would not exist without them, yet I would still support tearing down their statues.

Christopher Smith


Committee of Chaos

In response to Charlie Reece’s front-page moral stance on the overthrow of a statue (“Councilman asked sheriff not to charge activists with felonies over ‘hunk of junk metal”):

Mr. Reece, suppose a small group of people decide that your house, church or place of business is just a “hunk of junk.” They tear it down, burn it up, whatever. Is the sheriff to overlook a “misstep” on the part of the “actions” of these people? Is it OK for people to do whatever they want or need at any given moment? Have you ever thought that the statue may have been erected as a memorial of thanks to those who gave their lives in the War Between the States? Have you thought about other people from history whose statues may be torn down in a fit of pique and retaliation?

Our reptilian brain says, “Act now!” If only people could sit down and listen to each other, rather than following their primitive reptilian passions. “Won’t happen,” you say? OK. But – what will be the cost to the city, state or country to remove all these statues? What will you have, when we spend all our time throwing statues into the ocean? We won’t even have time to vote for those who are running for office in November. However, you will have the Committee of Chaos saying, “YES!” one more time.

Polly Mixon


Destroying America

Truth is no longer acceptable! When President Trump told the whole truth, he was jumped on from all sides.

Neither the truth about the so called “Civil War” and its cause, or the truth about Confederate monuments is acceptable to those who are using them as a starting point to destroy America.

Multi-billionaire George Soros, a Hungarian Jew, got his start by working with the Nazis in WWII and selling out his fellow Jews.

When Steve Kroft interviewed him he said he had no regrets over it and that those were the best years of his life.

He has undermined numerous governments and is the guy who “broke the Bank of England.”

He now says that the United States is the cause of all the world’s troubles. He finances ANTIFA, (Which means Anti First Amendment not antifascists) along with many other anti-American groups and pays them to go to demonstrations such as Charlottesville and perpetrate violence.

His blackshirts were the cause of the violence in Charlottesville! The original protest group had a permit and was staging a peaceful protest when uninvited Nazis and someone with a KKK sign joined in. Then ANTIFA came without a permit and attacked them. Now the anti-Trump forces want to blame everything on the original peaceful protestors.

I am tired of our country being run by liars in politics and the news media and that is why I support our president and not the left wing news media or the Democrats and Rino’s.

Charlie Lunsford


What you’re saying

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