Letters to the Editor

08-07 What you’re saying

‘Political vendetta’

The recent vote to bar UNC’s Center for Civil Rights from taking on legal cases is the latest example of right-wingers pressing forward with their political vendetta against our flagship university.

Board of Governors member Steve Long asked in written questions, “does the university believe that it would be wise policy to let other stakeholders at UNC form academic centers that can pursue advocacy agendas?” It’s a fair question and one I would ask Long, who was on the board of the Civitas Institute: For whom do you advocate?

More to the point, how do the centers and the BOG reflect the overall mission statement of the UNC system which includes service to “North Carolina, the United States, and the world through teaching, research, and public service”? The UNC School of Law is not unique in this endeavor; after all, the UNC School of Dentistry’s mission is both “excellence in teaching and patient care.” I wonder if Long will next concern himself with dentists providing free clinics.

Jason Beverly


Law center vote ‘deja vu’

I am dismayed and distressed at the 5-1 BOG committee vote against the UNC Center for Civil Rights. As one who remembers the speaker ban controversy, this is like deja vu all over again.

I knew Frank Graham, Billy Carmichael, Bill Friday, Bill Ayrock, Julius Chambers and Dean Smith. And I know Judge Dickson Phillips, former dean of the law school, where I taught for 10 years. I have an infinite capacity for doubt, but I have no doubt at all that these six Chapel Hill immortals would be as upset by this as I am.

James B. Craven III


‘First in Imposition’

With the latest developments from the UNC Board of Governors in the Center for Civil Rights controversy and the ultra-conservative bent in the Republican majority at the N.C. General Assembly, I’d like to suggest a new license plate slogan to replace “First In Flight” and “First in Freedom.”

How about “First In Imposition”?

Mark G. Rodin


Thank you, DOT

Great job by DOT getting culverts that are blocked with leaves unstopped before fall rains and more leaves falling. Without their constant vigilance we would have difficulty traveling safely. They also do a great job repairing pot holes we notify them of as they appear,

And a special thank you to the electric company that worked round the clock to repair and restore electricity to our Outer Banks so many from around the country could continue to visit North Carolina and be amazed by all our state has to offer. Let us all continue to do our part to beautify our properties and donate what we do not need to our local church yard sale, Good will, and the PTA thrift store to further promote our communities and help others.

Janice Putnam