Letters to the Editor

What you’re saying: Richard A. Palmer, Alan Culton and John Rhodes

Not so funny tale

When I read the latest “Health Care Reform” news coming out of the GOP-controlled Congress, I can’t resist thinking of the dog who spent his life chasing the school bus – and one day actually caught it.

It would be funny, if it weren’t so tragic.

Richard A. Palmer


Russian dirt

The Russian lawyer lady contacted Donald Trump Jr. and said she had some dirt on Hillary she wanted to share. Turns out Hillary approved the transfer of uranium mining interests to Russian clients when she was Secretary of State. In return the Clinton Foundation was padded by nefarious foreigners with funny-sounding Russian names. Donald Jr. thanked the Russian lawyer lady for the Hillary dirt, and within days the Hillary uranium Russian deal was in the news.

Alan Culton

Chapel Hill

Hospital ‘efficiency’

I have a balance due UNC Health Care that I’ve been paying off over a period of months.

All of my statements, five, dating back to January, 2017, are dated the 19th, 20th, 21st, or 22nd of each month. By July 11, I had not received the June statement in the U.S. Mail that I was told would be forthcoming when I initiated a call to UNC billing on June 28. Then, on July 13, a collection agency calls to collect on the balance I owe.

Why is UNC Hospitals so dysfunctional as to incur the expense of retaining a very costly collection agency to collect on a $10 balance instead of just sending me the bill I was told was forthcoming on June 28?

One could argue, perhaps, that purportedly “cutting” and “eliminating” roughly $1 million in hospital bonuses previously destined for the personal bank accounts of UNC Hospital executives, as was reported by members of North Carolina’s press in 2007, that the hospital is unable to function efficiently as a result of lack of income for proper guidance and leadership. In thinking so, however, the public would be misled – just as they were by UNC officials and the press about the monies addressed being “cut” and “eliminated.”

Is this kind of “efficiency” the result of UNC’s Board of Governors allowing hospital leadership to mislead the public to protect the latter’s bloated incomes?

Health care reform? I don’t think so.

John Rhodes



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