Letters to the Editor

What you’re saying: Brydon Ross, Ron Byers

Oil and gas vital

While Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) applauds Congressman David Price for his service, we are concerned about his position regarding energy development and the consequences on working families, retirees living on fixed incomes, veterans, farmers and small businesses across North Carolina and the country.

We urge him to support modern seismic surveys in the Mid and South-Atlantic to see what may or may not be available to help lower energy costs and further improve national security. While the Federal Government has estimated that the area could hold billions of barrels of oil, it is likely that new studies using new technology would significantly increase these estimates.

While CEA strongly encourages the development of renewable energy resources, we also believe that oil and gas is vital to maintaining a mix of reliable energy supplies for families – reducing our dependence on foreign oil imports, improving our national security, and growing the economy. By safely and responsibly utilizing all available resources we can bring down energy prices for all American consumers and businesses – allowing them to save money, grow their bottom lines, and create jobs.

American innovation and ingenuity allows for safe and environmentally responsible energy exploration while we continue to develop renewable resources, modernize our grid, and improve energy efficiency. To effectively meet our growing energy demands, we need a solid understanding about the extent of all of our energy resources.

Brydon Ross

Vice president for state affairs

Consumer Energy Alliance

Trump keeps tweeting

Regarding “Trump tweets revive his claim of voter fraud” (July 2):

Forget this and his many other unsubstantiated claims and exaggerations. Forget his obsession with repealing Obamacare at any cost. Forget Russia. Even forget impeachment. President Trump has demonstrated via his daily twitter storms that he has the brain (and mouth) of an eighth-grader trapped in a Medicare body. (No disrespect to eighth-graders and Medicare bodies intended).

It’s way past time for Congress to do the right thing on a bipartisan basis - invoke provisions contained in the 25th Amendment to remove this not-so-funny clown from office.

Ron Byers



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