Letters to the Editor

Summer enrichment camps

It was wonderful to read about the Food for the Summer serving children in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. There’s a similar initiative underway in Orange County. It’s a grassroots partnership between Orange County Schools (OCS), United Voices of Efland, Cedar Grove Neighborhood Association and Fathers on the Move.

The county initiative will run for eight weeks and is tied to summer enrichment camps. Food will be distributed from OCS’ New Hope Elementary School to camp sites at the Efland and Cedar Grove community centers and at Gateway Apartments in Hillsborough. Meals are funded by a federal grant, and free to all children under 18.

In addition to food, children in Efland and Cedar Grove will have access to a free summer enrichment camp. The camps serve kids from 4 – 15 years old, and offer a wide range of activities ranging from reading and math to computer skills to etiquette. Leaders hope to add field trips to the Sportsplex, the African American Museum in Greensboro, and other fun places.

The camps and meals at Gateway will be offered Monday through Thursday from June 19 through August 4. Camps will run from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Amazing volunteer and community resources are lining up for the benefit of Orange County’s children. It’s one reason why Orange County is so special.

To volunteer or to enroll in programs at Efland or Gateway, please contact:

· Efland: Elvira Mebane (elviramebane@gmail.com)

· Gateway: Victor Glover (bishopglover7@gmail.com)

Bonnie Hauser

Orange County