Letters to the Editor

Money is everything

The election of Donald Trump is a great illustration of the level of political ignorance in this country. Most of his promises to the voter were declared unconstitutional. He had five companies to go into bankruptcy. He lost some suits over false promises to his customers. He had no record of running government whatsoever. But he was a great liar and a lot of people liked his promises.

We have a poor understanding of what our constitution promises. In the 1960s, blacks could not vote in Alabama. Today, we tolerate shootings of unarmed blacks by police. We tolerate an unwarranted degree of prison time for blacks and Hispanics while drug use is pretty consistent throughout all elements of our society. We promise a fair trial but the poor cannot get one since there are too few public defenders. And although we promise a speedy trial, we can hold someone in jail for two years awaiting trial if they can’t afford bail. In our country money is everything.

My friend, that is not “equal treatment” and we should all be concerned about this otherwise you are supporting a lie. To give Colin Kaepernick a hard time for telling the truth is simply wrong but too many people love a lie.

Larry Bumgardner