Letters to the Editor

Flammable identity politics

Your paid pundit for “conservatism” (Republican Party Inc.), John Hood, is getting carried away with himself. Poor man, every day he wakes up and has to figure out a way to defend the actions of the General Assembly and Donald Trump — all at the same time!

Hood’s characterization of anyone who disagrees with his policy points as “the Left,” does himself a disservice. Except for a tiny group, there really is no “the Left” as far as I know. Why? Because the GOP has moved so far right of common sense, anyone who disagrees is painted as “the Left.” (For example, who doesn’t want to say “hey, wait a minute,” before taking health coverage away from sick people just to give more tax breaks to the already wealthy?)

Democrats (and once upon a time Republicans) worked together, via compromise, to craft laws and policies to promote “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” When it became clear that Dems were better at building the same or similar safety nets as other successful democracies on this planet, the GOP, with Mr. Hood and his boss, Art Pope, needed something to scare voters into voting Republican.

Presto! The distillation of identity politics into a flammable, 200-proof moonshine of grievances, despair, and grudges. Advertise it on Fox News, then pour this mixture on anything they can think of and watch the slightest spark set it off.

Any person with common sense will eventually come to curse this abominable enterprise, if they haven’t already.

Tony Madejczyk