Letters to the Editor

Reality bites

The latest TrumpCare allows states to offer health insurance premiums to be based on an individual's health status rather than just their age. Here's an example of how that works in reality.

We moved to North Carolina in 2003 and had to purchase health insurance through the private individual market. One of us had excellent health; our premium was $425 per month. The other had "pre-existing health conditions" (high blood pressure and diabetes, both well controlled by generic prescriptions); that premium was $2,050 per month. With no subsidies (this was before ObamaCare), the total premium was $2,475 per month. That's $29,700 per year. I cannot imagine how much that has increased in the last 10 years.

ObamaCare provides subsidies based on age, premium and income. The subsidy would bring down the premium to a possibly affordable level. TrumpCare provides subsidies based solely on age. TrumpCare's proposed subsidy for adults 45-64 would barely touch the premium for anyone with pre-existing health conditions.

I favor comprehensive, affordable and accessible insurance for all Americans, regardless of age or health status. ObamaCare provides it. TrumpCare doesn't.

John Pilgrim