Letters to the Editor

Stop train plan

Since the U.S. dollar has lost 97 percent in value, low-income citizens don’t have enough money for needs. Many low-income citizens live in this area. Tragically, the local establishment is negligent in that they don’t help all area low-income citizens in crisis. Instead there is a policy of using billions of tax dollars for projects that could be done without.

Here is a plan to wisely change local tax spending. That plan to spend $2 billion tax funds to buy a train should be stopped. The limited number of citizens who want to travel to and from a few university locations can use buses and/or vans. I don’t know how much buses and vans cost. Possibly $150 million may be enough to buy numerous buses and vans. There would be $1.85 billion for low-income citizens’ needs.

Because I am disabled and living with chronic pain, the best I can do is write a few letters. That won’t be enough to change how local tax funds are spent. Will any area citizens volunteer to lead protests and a petition to stop that plan to buy a train? You will probably need to convince some university students to be content with buses and vans for travel to and from the universities. They should be taught to care about low-income citizens’ needs for rental assistance, rental deposits, moving van fees, utility deposits, heating and cooling assistance. I hope some area healthy citizens will do protests and a petition for this wise cause.

Debora Reid