Letters to the Editor

Prevent another Korean War

This letter is in response to the article “North Korea’s military display …”

A brief history: The problem with North Korea was left unresolved for over 60 years. The hope was that the Communist dictatorship would go away with time. It was hoped that the North would emulate the successful economic model of the South. The Kim dynasty prevented that from happening. The super powers felt no need to act, the United States wanted a foothold in Asia and China had North Korea protect its Manchurian border. When the leaders of North Korea witnessed what happened to Moamar Khadafi after he gave up Libya’s atomic weapons program, the North Korean leadership decided that they needed atomic weapons to stay in power. In North Carolina, we are careful not to step on a yellow jacket’s nest for fear of getting stung.

Contrary to President Donald Trump’s statement that all options are on the table, including a military response to North Korea’s eventual possession of intercontinental nuclear-tipped missiles, a military response is not an option since our ally South Korea will not agree to it. A first strike against North Korea’s leadership and missiles would result in 5 to 10 million Korean casualties. This is unthinkable. The only rational solution is to first wind down the rhetoric and then possibly in the future negotiate some agreement and unification of the Koreas. The primary goal is to prevent another war in Korea.

Kurt Becker