Letters to the Editor

Fewer animal antibiotics

Bo-time is a good time. However, it could be better if this well-known company would fully commit to taking all routine antibiotics out of their products. The problem lies in the fact that these antibiotics are meant for use on humans, and yet 70 percent of all of them that are sold in America are used on animals that aren’t even sick. This situation is increasing medicinal resistance within bacteria to the point that our modern antibiotics are quickly becoming obsolete.

I’m not saying that farms should not use any medication, as we have animal antibiotics for a reason. However, the use of human antibiotics in these factories is a primary source of the alarmingly rapid increase in bacterial resistance that we are witnessing. If Bojangles follows the lead of other large retail food companies such as McDonalds, Subway, and most recently KFC that have made the commitment to being completely routine-antibiotic free, it will be a significant step towards making this a norm in the industry and convincing factory farms to change their policies.

Sean McCaffery

Chapel Hill