Letters to the Editor

Brenda Burnette: Will’s language problematic

George Will’s language "Eugenics was a progressive cause not so long ago," in perspective is like saying, the "Great War" (World War I) was not so long ago or George Will, a Republican was a Democrat, theoretically speaking, not so long ago.

Will (March 8) uses terms like "progressive ism, "social Darwinism" and "racialism". Yes, Will uses a lot of quotation marks, just like I am. The difference being that, he sounds just like the individuals he is quoting. When Will mentioned Woodrow Wilson, I'm like, is he saying that President Wilson was a racist? Yes, Wilson, 28th president of the United States from 1913 to 1921 including WWI (1914-1918) was a Dzracist.dz Or should we say a segregationist.

My grandfather, William Creighton Buie (William C. Buie on is his military headstone) fought with the French in the 371st Infantry during the "Great War." The 371st Infantry was all "colored." But it had all white officers. Most of the 371st Infantry where from South Carolina. Woodrow Wilson spent several of his early years in Columbia, S.C. Wilson was President of Princeton and George Will is a Princeton alum. Perhaps this is why I had such a hard time distinguishing between the language of Will and the individuals he was quoting. Whatever it is called or whenever it is used terms like "eugenics" "social Darwinism" "forced immigration" and "racialism" reflect arrogance and bigotry.

Brenda Buie Burnette