7/30 Letters: Medicaid would help many people in our state


Wrong on Medicaid

There was nothing new in Peder Zane’s tirade against the expansion of Medicaid (July 22). He believes the liberals are still trying to redistribute the wealth. I heard the same rhetoric from privileged fellow students at Davidson College in the ‘50s, whose parents were still bemoaning the social welfare programs of FDR.

People with his mindset have no comprehension of the liabilities of the poor and disabled in our society. Fearing that they would become dependent on any kind of government assistance, they would let them die. Mother Teresa encountered these deplorable conditions on the streets in India and was moved to respond with compassion. She has justly been called a Saint.

Zane could be freed from his self-serving political philosophy if he read the Hebrew prophets and the New Testament scriptures. Ezekiel cited those who oppressed the poor and needy as committing an abomination (Ez. 18:12). In the parable of the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19- 31), Jesus had only contempt for the wealthy man who allowed a beggar to die at the gates of his palace.

Rev. Thomas K. Spence, Jr.


Play nicely

I appreciated and was saddened by your article on Trump’s stop in Greenville (July 17). I currently live in Virginia but am a New Bern local.

I am sad to acknowledge that I voted for our current president; I don’t think most who did realized he would be as bad as he is. I am disgusted, heartbroken and appalled at the continual racial division perpetrated and perpetuated by the US at home and abroad.

While I don’t believe that tolerance means “everyone is equally correct,” it does mean that you tolerate everyone as long as they play nicely. I wish we would pursue cooperation and compassion and believe that even disagreement and discipline can be done in a loving and kind way.

I’m sick to death of petty partisan division and disagreement giving way to hatred; and often among people who lived through the civil rights movement and desegregation, no less. What’s the point of protecting America if we turn it into a monster as we do? Whenever we become “evil” to fight “evil,” we are wrong, even if what we are addressing is right.

Rob Thomas


NC Spin

Regarding UNC-TV’s decision to pull the plug on NC Spin, I would like to remind them that their mission is “to be a vital, indispensable service and partner to all North Carolinians.” I find it embodies this mission, presenting relevant issues in a fair and balanced way. Despite differing viewpoints, the panelists are civil, articulate and respectful.

Tom Campbell, the show’s creator and moderator, says he’s not going to sit down for this, and I’m with him. This is an egregious mistake.

Parker Call


Renters pay taxes

A July letter 25 states, “Renters don’t pay the property taxes that pay for the costs of building of sidewalks, parks, pools and other community improvements” (). He argues that renters should not have a say in where these community amenities are located and should, indeed, be treated as second-class citizens.

I wonder where the writer thinks property owners get the money to pay their property taxes? Yes, renters do indeed indirectly pay property taxes, and they deserve a voice.

Brent Miller


New tropes

We need new tropes. The editorial page cartoon on July 19 featured a Sacramento Bee cartoon showing the Republicans wearing a banner of individualism and Democrats wearing social justice. This is a false dichotomy. Individual rights are outcomes of social justice.

In contrast to individualism, the Republican-dominated legislatures have inserted strong bullying government into our doctors’ offices, bathrooms and local school districts, creating issues where they did not exist before. Our individual political voices are diminished through gerrymandering. One can even question the GOP commitment to free enterprise, given the twists and turns of trade policies. For example, farmers receive government subsidies to offset the damage of tariffs. The intent seems to offset these by cutting programs that serve the people. Tropes that represent the new realities are critical to give a clear picture of the options. It is a matter of life or debt.

Jean Weaver


Soccer pay

Regarding the recent debate over compensation for the U.S. women’s soccer team compared to their male counterparts. After analyzing the respective accomplishments of both squads, I don’t think the women’s team deserves pay equal to the men’s – they deserve more.

Henry K. Dorsett Jr.