3/4 Letters: Duke blocks a light rail fiasco

Duke is right

Kudos to Duke regarding its decision to nix GoTriangle. Durham City Council member Mark-Anthony Middleton is just plain wrong that “black folks” have to go hat in hand to Duke to get light rail approved for their economic security. Duke University and Hospital employ way more minority folks than GoTriangle ever would.

Light Rail is prohibitively expensive, doesn’t go to the right places like the airport, would seriously disrupt downtown Durham and wouldn’t fix any traffic problems for 20 years. Light Rail was a bad idea from the start. Just one-hundred dedicated buses and lanes, with those permanent jobs involved, would solve the traffic problems and citizen mobility issues within a couple of years.

After attending numerous GoTriangle meetings at Durham City Hall, it was obvious that their proponents were making it up as they went along. When businesses downtown objected to the plan? Go Triangle replied, “No problem. We’ll add a bridge/tunnel/elevated section... just another $90 million for our taxpayers, so what?” Mark-Anthony Middleton ignores the fact that Light Rail’s bottomless pit of taxes will not help his constituents’ economic security either.

Stay firm, Duke, and continue to help the economic growth of our Triangle cities as you are already doing.

Michael Hoffman

Chapel Hill

Not the worst

There have been several letters lately complaining about President Trump’s lies. One letter said he has lied 8,000 times in two years.

The Journal of Basic and Applied Psychology found that most people lie between 60 and 100 times a day. That means in two years we lie not less than 43,000 times. Compared to us, Trump is a regular Honest Abe.

Lee Hortman


Act of contrition

As a 20-year veteran of teaching, I’m a proponent of Restorative Justice. Since Mark Harris’ campaign has made front page news, I’ve been thinking. He hired Mr. Dowless to win the election. Harris is a Christian and a fiscal conservative. Elections cost a lot of money.

Dignity, once lost, is really hard to restore. But I wonder whether he might consider conceding the election to his Democratic opponent, so the district could have representation, the state could save the hassle and money of another election, and young people could witness what humility looks like.

I imagine a judge might look favorably on a sincere act of contrition if Harris is criminally charged.

Emily Wilkins


“Diverse” opinions

I see the left is overjoyed that you’ve removed Mallard Fillmore from the comics section (“Glad Mallard is Gone,” Feb. 28). They were “offended and appalled” but are now “vindicated.” Mallard might have best been on the editorial page, although removing Doonesbury from the Sunday edition is not an even trade off. I also note that Candorville has not been affected.

This reminds me of a comment by economist Thomas Sowell who said something like: Liberals encourage diverse opinions until they find people who have them. I would have thought the N&O, which now charges $771 annually for home delivery down here and typically prints a measly 20-page paper during the week, would not do anything to lose customers, even deplorable customers, by removing the likes of Mallard.

Jack Jakucyk

Whispering Pines

Participation not required

Enforcement of immigration laws is the responsibility of the feds (ICE), not local law enforcement. The 287(g) program permits sheriffs to cooperate with ICE, it does not require it. Claiming that these sheriffs are violating their oath of office is simply untrue. In addition, the 287(g) program is rife with serious problems, including taking up often scarce local resources. Also, many sheriffs have committed serious constitutional violations in their 287(g) participation. The mayors objecting to it are right on the mark.

Peter Aitken

Chapel Hill


Mark Meadows was an embarrassment during the Michael Cohen House Committee hearings. Even before Meadows began his verbal assault on Cohen, he engaged in a political stunt by having Lynne Patton, an African-American woman and longtime Trump employee stand silently behind him to supposedly show that Trump is not a racist. Meadows’ screaming tone and grandstanding political stunt mimic the president he is supposed to be investigating.

Stephen Berg

Chapel Hill