3/1 Letters: It’s obvious why Harris won’t run again

‘I didn’t take it as a major warning,’ Mark Harris says of son’s ‘red flags’ on Dowless

Mark Harris said he didn’t believe his son’s warnings that a Bladen County political operative was likely committing felony absentee ballot collection before the 2018 election, and didn’t in fact see them as warnings.
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Mark Harris said he didn’t believe his son’s warnings that a Bladen County political operative was likely committing felony absentee ballot collection before the 2018 election, and didn’t in fact see them as warnings.

Tell the truth

I read Wednesday’s article, “Mark Harris says he won’t run in 9th District election,” with such astonishment.

Harris cited “health concerns” as the reason he is not running in the new election. Interesting how there were no health concerns when he pressed to be certified for the scammed election he ran.

He should tell the truth for once – it’s obvious he wasn’t going to run because he’s damaged goods.

Thu Ostrander, Raleigh

Get on board, Duke

Light rail is about the thousands of people who can’t afford cars, who live within a short distance of the 19 stations and need access to thousands of jobs that are very hard to get to now.

It’s about the spoke and hub bus system that will support light rail with short bus rides to the stations. It’s about creating a way to travel between Durham and Chapel Hill without gridlock.

It’s about managing the huge amount of development headed towards us by creating focal points of dense development. It’s about continuing the renaissance in Durham.

Unfortunately, Duke University appears to have forgotten the hard lesson that “as goes Durham, so goes Duke.” Nan Keohane and Richard Brodhead realized this and made great contributions to Durham’s resurgence.

Together our town and gown leaders have had great success in lifting Durham over the past 20 years but the outcome cannot be taken for granted, especially not now.

Duke President Vincent Price may be worried about noise, but if he wants Durham to remain a desirable place to study he must look past the edge of campus. Decades of leadership and effort must not be lost. It’s time for Duke to step up.

Don Moffitt, Durham

The writer is a former Durham City Council member.

GOP and truth

How ironic that during Michael Cohen’s testimony to Congress Republicans questioned his truthfulness, while Donald Trump has told over 8,000 untruths in his two years in office.

Once again, they apply a double standard when needed.

Georgie Brizendine, Raleigh

Protect life

Monday the U.S. Senate held an important vote on a proposal that would ensure a baby born alive following an abortion would, in essence, be considered a human being who is entitled to live and entitled to full legal protection.

Simply put, such a proposal gives a baby the right to live.

I am appalled that all but three Democratic senators voted against the proposal. My goodness, what has this nation become when nearly half of our senators will not support a position that protects the life of a newborn?

Ralph M. Perhac, Raleigh

Tackle drug costs

At last our state and federal legislators seem ready to tackle drug costs in this country.

A major cause of price inflation is advertising to the public, especially on TV. Only the U.S. and New Zealand allow prescription drug advertising to the public.

Doctors surveyed agree that this increases drug costs by encouraging patients to insist on named drugs instead of generics, often leads to over-medication, and that ads are often inaccurate, despite FDA supervision.

The United States has approximately 5 percent of the world’s population, yet we account for 42 percent of the world’s prescription drug spending. In 2017, the drug industry spent $6.1 billion on advertising to the public. This is an unnecessary expense in our health care system and should be stopped.

Robert D. Brown, Cary

Bail reform needed

I read the article about the bail system in North Carolina, and Herman Smith’s story caused me so much distress. (“Bail Reform in NC: Low-level defendants sit in jail, can’t afford cash bonds,” Feb. 24)

Maybe it was because I saw a story on the evening news that same day about a Durham teen charged with killing his father. He was sent home on a $250,000 unsecured bond. Neither the accused teenager, Alexander Bishop, nor his family had to put out a dime to take him home.

What kind of justice system keeps Herman Smith, a homeless man, in jail for begging and not being able to post his $500 bail?

Thank you for your in-depth article on disparities in the bail system.

Carmelita Myers, Cary

End Electoral College

Our government will never be a true democracy until our president is elected by the people, not the Electoral College. Let us call upon our state representatives to pass the National Popular Vote bill (SB104) and ensure that every American receives an equal vote.

John Williams, Cary

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