2/27 Letters: Tillis and Burr should condemn Trump’s national emergency.

Oppose emergency

Sens. Tillis and Burr should support the forthcoming resolution of disapproval being introduced to oppose President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency.

The declaration was a massive overstep, and Congress has it in their power to counter it under the The National Emergencies Act of 1976. The president’s action is chipping away at the Constitution. It is is an abuse of executive power, and the Senate must use its authority to check him.

Stephanie Brown



One of the saddest pictures I have seen was that of Mark Harris brought to tears following the testimony of his son John, who described how he warned his father against hiring McCrea Dowless to work for his campaign (“Mark Harris’ son told his father ‘shady character’ in Bladen was collecting ballots,” Feb. 22) His warnings to his father were ignored, and the worst-case scenario came true. Now Mark Harris agrees that a new election should be held. But every query into Mark Harris’ hiring of Dowless showed him to be a gullible and uninformed candidate. He is unfit to represent NC in the federal government, and should disqualify himself from running for office.

Cheryl Mensch

Southern Pines

Missing comics

I note with dismay that the N&O is pulling “Mallard Fillmore” and “Doonesbury.” One I read every day, and the other I never read. But I’m sad to see both go. A newspaper shouldn’t be a repository of what offends people the least, but a varied assortment of items that appeal to a wide range of people. It’s another sad sign of the decay of civil discourse. The ability to lightly glance over or even ignore things you disagree with is important. And, who knows, maybe in an idle moment you’ll happen to read something you wouldn’t expect to like, and find instead you enjoy it, or at least learn something from it.

James Edward Tynen


In the Middle

In the 1970s a pop singing group, Stealers Wheel had a hit record titled “Stuck In The Middle With You..” As an Independent voter, I am looking at the slate of presidential candidates for the 2020 election, and all I see are crazies to the Left of me and crazies to the Right of me. I’m wondering which I might be forced to vote for. Perhaps they can come up with a Middle Of the Road Party to represent us, because I really don’t want to be Stuck In The Middle with the current crop of radicals from both sides of the aisle. What to do, what to do?

Herb Stark


Three Stooges

Regarding the current 9th District political fiasco, NC GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse was correct when he stated that “this is not an episode of ‘Perry Mason.’” It much more closely resembles “The Three Stooges,” with Mark Harris, McCrae Dowless and Woodhouse cast in the lead roles.

Jon Gibson


Bail or bond

I read with heaviness of heart the recent articles by Josh Shaffer and David Raynor (“Pay $500 on a panhandling charge or sit in jail for five days. Should NC find a better way?” Feb. 21) regarding the inability of economically disadvantaged members of our society to make bail or bond. I presume a number of readers will dismiss concern for these individuals with some sort of perfunctory response indicating that these individuals shouldn’t have broken the law.

Sadly, this situation reflects a deeper symptom of our society; namely that we oftentimes ignore the root causes of the incarceration and arrest of many of our fellow citizens, which are so often borne of poverty and addiction. Society, and our judicial system in particular, must seek to improve the plight of citizens who are marginalized in this country. It will be interesting in the days to come to see how the New England Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft’s run in with the law pans out. I suspect I already know the answer.

Philip G. Sarge


Guinea pigs

I am very upset and disappointed with the MVP program (“Wake changed how it teaches high school math. Some parents say it’s hurting students,” Feb. 22). My son is at Green Hope High School and is taking Math 3. It’s not uncommon for him to come home and tell me “they’re not teaching me anything,” or “I don’t get it — they don’t help.” Being a Junior who has always excelled in mathematics, he currently has a 66 average in this class.

I have always respected and admired teachers, and I don’t think this is their fault. That said, it’s up to the district to fix this somehow, as this will definitely have an impact on students college transcripts. I feel like my son is a guinea pig for some sort of “beta trial” of the MVP program.

Daniel Lash