2/25 Letters: Please don’t spend taxpayer money on the new elections.

Republican Mark Harris, left, and Democrat Dan McCready may face off again in North Carolina’s 9th District.
Republican Mark Harris, left, and Democrat Dan McCready may face off again in North Carolina’s 9th District. rlahser@charlotteobserver.com

No election

I oppose spending public funds on a new election for the 9th Congressional District. It’s clear Harris knowingly ran an illegal campaign. Plus, by his own admission at the state Board of Elections hearing , Republican candidate Mark Harris is in very poor health. For these two reasons, Harris should officially withdraw from the race, and the Board of Elections should then declare Dan McCready as the winner. NC does not need to spend thousands on a new election for this seat. The money could be put to much better use helping to ensure that the kind of skullduggery that Harris engaged in doesn’t happen again.

Eleanor Howe

Chapel Hill

New election staff

As a person with 10 years experience working as an assistant and judge in Durham County elections, I suggest the North Carolina Board of Elections send trained staff or experienced workers from other counties to Bladen and Roberson counties for the new elections in the 9th Congressional District. As the testimony from this week’s hearings demonstrated, the local staff was either poorly trained, violated state law or both.

The only way to guarantee a valid outcome is for NC Board of Elections staff to intervene and conduct the voting. Since there were questionable results in Roberson County, state staff should be deployed there as well. It is also obvious McCrae Dowless should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible for violations of election laws. Dowless must be prohibited from conducting any voting operations, except for exercising his personal right to cast a ballot. Isn’t it ironic that the Republican Party whose leaders from President Trump on down claimed widespread voter fraud exists at a national and state level should be responsible, through its congressional candidate’s poor judgment, for the most egregious example of fraud in the 2018 elections.

Mark G. Rodin


Solid laws

Our senior congressman David Price said that failure to enact immigration reform is a “betrayal” of the dreamers. I was not aware that that I had made any vow to protect people who come to America illegally. My duties as an American citizen apparently include nurturing chaos. My congressman also said that local sheriffs being asked to cooperate with federal police is “immoral.” He is asking for civil disobedience from local law enforcement. Then he pleads for “solid laws” to prevent “foreign actors” from influencing our elections. That’s right, we need solid laws to protect America. But not so solid that they form a wall. Just who is being betrayed here?

Alan Culton

Chapel Hill


I thought I may never see the day I agree with an N&O Editorial. But I wholeheartedly agree with your stance on vaccinations. Everything these days seems to boil down to someone proclaiming their rights. The anti-vaxxers say that the state doesn’t have the right to require they vaccinate their children. I do agree with medical exemptions for some children. And these are the ones who really need protection from the anti-vaxxers, since most children who get the normal vaccinations will be safe from mumps, measles, chickenpox, etc. So it gets back to rights. When does the right of a parent to send an unvaccinated child to public school start to step on the right of a parent to send a child to a school that’s as disease free as possible. I think Spock had it right, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…”.

Mike Cobb

Wake Forest

Light Rail a necessity

We are writing to express our strong support for the proposed Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit(DOLRT) system, and to encourage Duke University and GoTriangle to come to terms during this crucial time for the project. Families Moving Forward serves families with children in the crisis of homelessness. Our families are enthusiastic about the prospect of light rail. It offers a new vision of what their lives, and their children’s lives, could look like. Our guests are most excited about the way light rail will expand their families’ economic opportunities through access to living wage jobs and proximity to planned affordable housing for those earning less than 30 percent of area median income. Good jobs and affordable housing are the solution to our homeless crisis in this region. Duke University has been a crucial partner for Families Moving Forward. As an agency, we are so grateful for the many ways Duke supports us. Now we urge Duke and GoTriangle to work together to help ensure the viability of the DOLRT project for this and future generations.

Ryan Fehrman and Catherine Pleil


The writers are staff members of Families Moving Forward, a group that offers temporary housing from homeless families.