1/24 Letters: Mercurial policies hurt the nation

Nicole Hernandez holds onto her mother as they wait with other families to request political asylum in the United States on June 13, 2018 The Mexican family said it hopes to escape widespread violence. (Gregory Bull/AP Photo)
Nicole Hernandez holds onto her mother as they wait with other families to request political asylum in the United States on June 13, 2018 The Mexican family said it hopes to escape widespread violence. (Gregory Bull/AP Photo)

Seared by Trump

Our country is being seared with the Trump brand: a record-long partial shutdown over a wall most Americans don’t want (“Trump offers Pelosi a deal that the opposition would hate for her to accept,” Jan. 20), thousands of children taken from their parents and lost in government bureaucracies, the surprise pullout from Syria even as four Americans were killed by ISIS.

Finally, with little notice by the press or public, comes the abrupt end of US Agency for International Development aid for water systems and other essential infrastructure in Palestine, on top of previous slashing of funds for the UN humanitarian mission there and US support for non-profits doing collaborative local projects with like minded Israelis.

This kind of mercurial policy action without regard to human and diplomatic consequences is turning the US into an unreliable, even dangerous giant. Is such ruthless decision-making different from the autocrats in Russia, China or Turkey?

North Carolina Sen.s Richard Burr and Thom Tillis must not keep silent. They must exercise their co-equal power and responsibility for leadership. The new Democratic House will hopefully call the Trump administration to account. We must refuse to have our country under the Trump label.

Nancy Milio

Chapel Hill

Real problems

There will be no end to the hatred and lies coming out of Washington unless we, the American people, stop it. Both sides must be led by the hand like children to sit and talk and solve our real problem. The Democrats will never accept Donald Trump as our duly elected president. They will never accept a Hillary Clinton loss. Their answer is to resist all things Trump and elect a group of foul mouthed children, who believe the answer to everything is socialism. Show me where that has ever worked! In the meantime, our country burns.

Steven Metzler


Scooters’ toll

Funny, the Bird company claims electric scooters are “taxed to death” and the new Raleigh requirements are the “most burdensome in the nation.”

Wanna hear burdensome? My vehicle getting hit-and-run by a Bird scooter (they ran a red light) and sustaining $1,600 worth of property damage. Bird denied any liability and wouldn’t release the rider’s name to the Raleigh Police Department. I truly wish these Birds would fly far away for the winter. And stay there.

Ted Barnett


Lawmakers’ role

Of all the letters and articles about Silent Sam few if any mention that the reason for all the fuss is the Republicans in the legislature. They created the problem by passing the law to preserve Jim Crow mementos, and they could solve all these problems by repealing it. That would be so easy.

Are we to believe people who never see Silent Sam or walk by it every day have a stake in it? Did they sleep better at night thinking Silent Sam was on duty? Or, more likely, are these Republican legislators bent on satisfying the hopefully few people who loved it when blacks had to walk under this big remnant of Jim Crow on their way to class?

Neil Stahl

Chapel Hill

Unsafe to walk

Every day during the week, I walk from my house near Wade Avenue, to NC State, where I attend grad school. Yesterday, during my habitual commute, I stepped out into a crosswalk on Brooks Avenue. An approaching driver sped up towards me, whizzing through the crosswalk and aggressively honking his horn at me.

Unfortunately, I know from personal experience, statistics and news stories that this kind of car-on-pedestrian aggression is no rare occurrence in Raleigh — and indeed, that I’m lucky it wasn’t worse. Just last week, a man was hit and seriously injured in a crosswalk on West Morgan Street.

When will all drivers here start obeying laws regarding pedestrian right-of-way, and when will our city enforce those laws? Until that day comes, Raleigh will remain an unsafe and unpleasant place to walk around.

Emily Cataneo


Severing connections

Will UNC-Chapel Hill’s urge to sever connection to the American South turn what I remember as a fine, traditional institution into a poor man’s or poor woman’s Duke University?

Will the next radical demand be excision of the names of UNC Confederate alumni dead off the walls of Memorial Hall?

History is a complicated lesson; one we’ll never learn if we erase evidence of the past. “Hark the sound of Tar Heel (the next political correction?) voices...” Indeed.

Neil Smith