This, dear America, is my home too – Azuka Jebose Molokwu

Azuka Jebose Molokwu
Azuka Jebose Molokwu

I am your past, present and future. I am not going anywhere. I am your story and history.

This is my home: America, the land of dreams and for dreamers. America, the beautiful: where dreams can be real and hopes, shattered. America is my new frontier.

I embraced you since my feet touched your soil. You are my America, my old glory, marinated in the stars-spangled banner, diversified by my profound patriotism, inclusiveness and love for this country.

This, dear America, is my home.. So stop trying to send me back.

I will not leave. Just like The Eagle, I have landed. Plenty are still coming to make this super power. Many came since your discovery. America, you are just like me, an immigrant. We took different paths to this destination: This God's own country, home of the brave and land of the free. I will defend the Constitution and bear arms in defense of the Union. I will respect the rule of law just as I have always done.

My dear America, I am an immigrant, strong, intelligent and determined to serve my country. I am the dedicated farm produce worker you depend on for your fresh groceries. I am the reliable potatoes picker you pay minimum wage to work long hours. I am your strawberry grower. I am your home builder that rocks the real estate business. I am your used motor-parts finder at the junkyard. Your odd jobs are my start-up life.

I am the migrant tobacco farm and soybeans hand helper down Delta and Midwest. I am the janitor in your office building, in Congress, and cleaning up in the White House kitchen, laundry rooms and other hospitality places. I am the few and the proud, serving and defending this great country in the Armed Service.

I am your neighborhood grocery cashier; your gas station attendant, the food prep worker at your favorite fast-food restaurant. I am your reliable taxicab or Uber driver who picks you up at odd times and on lonely holidays.

I am in your hospitals, community health departments and medical centers as care givers, janitors, best surgeons, researchers and specialists. I am in colleges and high schools as teachers, students that continue to make America great. I bathe, wipe and care for your aged parents in the nursing homes. I am there when they need me. I am at the hospices giving comfort. In those final hours, your mother or father neither cares nor knows if I am immigrant or American by birth, and doesn’t care.

I am in your byways and highways, constructing roads and building bridges that link us. No city or border walls can stop migration on planet Earth. If you build the walls, I will fly over them. I shall swim across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans to land on these shores. You cannot stop a determined spirit. I am like birds in the sky. I seek to live decently and dignified. I am human. I am an immigrant, and America’s economy’s free-market economy needs me to survive and sustain it. We need each other. So stop your rage and hate against the immigrant. It has never worked. Immigrant’s disciplines are founded by the principles of loyalty, dedication, hard work, faith and family. These guide and guard us every day.

My dear America, you, too, are an immigrant; we both deserve a piece of this great American pie, baked with hard work and labor of love.

God Bless you, America, and the restrained immigrant.

Freelance journalist and writer Azuka Jebose Molokwu migrated to United States from Nigeria in 1989 and moved to Raleigh in 1990.