For real change, stop listening to ‘them’ – Scott Hughes

Other than the welfare of my family, few things cause me to lose sleep. However, with the events over the last several months, the political unrest and division within our country has rapidly become one of my main stressors.

There are two problems standing in the way of true equality and progress within our government. The first problem is that the majority of people in the United States don’t have an accurate understanding of our government. The other reason is the establishment, which will do anything to keep the majority of people in the dark.

In grade school, I was taught that we have a democracy, that every vote counts, and voting is a responsibility of all citizens. Now I’ve learned that what I had been taught is totally inaccurate. If someone tells you that we have a democracy, that person either doesn’t know what he or she is talking about or is lying. Because learning about the workings of our government isn’t a top priority for most people, we have come to where we are now.

Our system of government is a combination of argentocracy and aristocracy. A very few control everyone else. The top 1 percent hold the most wealth and nobility, and they want to keep it that way. They are able to do this without most people even realizing that it’s being done.

Republican failsafe

When someone with the message of change, equality, and hope appears, the establishment, or 1 percent, does whatever is needed to discredit that person.

Two really good examples of this are the election in 2001 when Bush (43) was elected and just recently when Trump was elected. Both presidents lost the popular vote only to be rescued by the Electoral College which has proven to be a Republican failsafe. When we were able to elect a decent president, the establishment had Congress block him at every turn. Now unlimited funds can be poured into campaigns even without the candidate knowing it. This holds firm the status quo of the nobility holding power.

During the last general election, I realized just how misled the majority of citizens seem to be. People will say that they hate certain ideas without even knowing what they are talking about. A prime example of this is socialism. The very word socialism will ruffle the feathers of most but, at the same time, those people have no understanding of socialism. They listen to “them.”

I cringe when I hear someone tell me “well that’s what they told me.” Who is “they” in the first place? In my opinion, electing Trump, who didn’t win the popular vote, has been our lowest point thus far. If you really believe that Trump ran for president simply because he loves this country and just wants to “make America great again,” I offer you this quote by the French writer Voltaire. “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

What would Reagan think?

We have lowered our values and standards in electing Donald Trump. If Ronald Reagan were alive, do you think that he would have supported Donald? Reagan was a statesman and Christian. In sharp contrast there is Trump. A man that told American citizens to go blank themselves during his campaign. A misogynist and racist, arrogant man who never accepts responsibility and acts like a spoiled child.

Even though we seem to be well grounded in the government that we currently have, change certainly is possible. But for this to happen we have to change ourselves.

First, we need to learn about our government. Not taking the word of “they” but actually investing the time needed to learn the truth. We need to begin to see the truth when someone is discredited by the establishment. They will do whatever they can and say whatever they think we want to hear so that they will not lose power and can keep the rest of us in the dark. During campaigns, believe nothing that you see on television and be skeptical of statements from candidates.

Knowledge is the one thing that can lead to change. Passion will lead to the quest for knowledge. When we all start to care enough to take the time to learn what’s going on is when the real change will finally come.

Scott Hughes lives in Henderson.