N.C. delegation needs to renew appeal for hurricane aid

This editorial appeared The News & Observer

North Carolina’s congressional delegation – Republicans and Democrats – now must muster all of its influence to gain additional funding for relief for families struck by the flooding from Hurricane Matthew. The amount granted in federal relief, $6.1 million, is inadequate, and Gov. Roy Cooper, a man not given to overstatement, said he felt “shock and disappointment” over the shortfall.

Cooper has appealed to the White House and other federal agencies to fulfill his hope for more than $900 million in relief. The governor has characterized the request as a conservative one made in consultation with a bipartisan group of the state’s members of Congress and the General Assembly.

This is a test, really, for the Republicans in the Congress representing North Carolina. They should be able to get their state what it needs, and they can go around the state and see for themselves that the federal aid thus far offered is not nearly enough.

One percent of what the state requested is woefully short of the need. And it is times such as this when the power and the resources of the federal government are put to the test in terms of providing the help the federal government is supposed to provide, absent politics. There should be no question and no hesitation about providing this funding, period. The constituents of these GOP members of Congress and the legislature should make themselves heard – and their representatives should make themselves heard and seen in the agencies that provide relief.