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A sex club could be coming to Myrtle Beach. Here’s what we know

The owner of a North Carolina swingers club is looking to expand his business to Myrtle Beach.

Chris Abram, owner of You Know Where in Fayetteville, North Carolina, went before Planning Commission on Tuesday requesting officials allow swingers clubs to operate in the wholesale/manufacturing district, a district predominantly located along Seaboard Street where tattoo parlors and strip clubs are permitted.

Abram told officials he’s hoping to expand his business into Myrtle Beach to accommodate the area residents who are members at his club. Noting the city’s family-friendly atmosphere, he said he’s willing to open his business wherever the city allows.

“I’m leaving it up to them to decide if they want to allow us here,” Abram said. “We just want to go wherever they say we can go. I don’t want to cause any issues with the city or the community, so I’m definitely okay with being obscure and out of the way.”

You Know Where, which opened seven years ago, was established to serve as a private, on-premises adult social party where people can explore their sexuality in a fun, but safe setting, he said. With swingers parties often held in private homes or hotels, Abram said the club provides an atmosphere of seclusion that is out of the “public eye.”

While the business functions as a nightclub, with a dance floor and two DJs, it allows nudity throughout the facility with a back area comprised of private rooms for people to “play” or have sex.

Along with private rooms, the club also features a 20-foot buffet, two stripper poles, a dungeon room, a shadowbox where only your shadow displays on the outside, a game room, locker rooms and a photo area. The club, which serves soft drinks, allows clients to bring their own wine and beer.

He said his members comprise of couples and singles of all ages from all walks of life.

“Being a swinger isn’t just a young person’s game,” Abram said.

Prior to becoming a member, Abram said clients are required to fill out an application, tour the facility and watch a presentation of the rules. He said those who violate state law or the clubs rules will be kicked out.

“We tell everybody that comes in they can’t touch someone without asking; if they violate the laws, they don’t come back,” Abram said. “We try to make sure that everyone is treated with respect and doesn’t step out of line.”

While Abram stressed his club hasn’t had any issues with the local police, he noted his business would be beneficial to the city with out-of-state members accessing local hotels and restaurants.

While officials didn’t comment on the proposal during Tuesday’s meeting, they said they’re working on compiling research to determine what is and isn’t allowed within city limits.

Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the proposal on Nov. 5.

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