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12-year-old boy dragged, then run over by the school bus he was riding, NC cops say

A North Carolina middle-schooler is injured after being dragged and run over by his school bus, media outlets report.

Zion Baker, 12, was getting dropped off at his bus stop Wednesday afternoon in Taylortown when the doors shut on his backpack as he got off the bus, according to WRAL.

The driver took off with Baker still caught in the door, dragging him about 10 feet before he got free from his backpack, but then the rear tire ran over his left arm, officials say, according to WRAL.

“Once it happened and she ran over my arm, I screamed, ‘She ran over my arm’, and then my neighbor helped me,” Baker told WNCN.

Serena Thomas, the boy’s mother, told WNCN that the bus driver called her, telling her what happened.

“My life passed me, like, I thought my child was not alive when she said she ran him over. I just didn’t know what was going on. I panicked. I was just in shock,” she told the TV station.

Thomas told WTVD her son suffered injuries to his wrist and elbow and “scrapes and bruises.”

“It hurt really bad, there were tire marks on my arm,” Baker told WTVD. “My veins turned red.”

The school district sent a statement to WNCN saying the driver is no longer driving a school bus.

“Moore County Schools deeply regrets this incident occurred,” the statement said, according to WRAL. “We are working with the student’s family to ensure a smooth transition when he returns to school in the next several days.”

The statement said the North Carolina State Highway Patrol investigated the incident and charged the driver with careless and reckless driving, according to WNCN.

But Thomas is furious about the incident.

“A bus driver is supposed to make sure that her kids are ... safe,” she told WTVD. “I don’t send my son on a school bus to get hurt.”

Baker told WTVD he’s scared to ride the bus again and “doesn’t want anything else to happen.”

Taylortown is in Moore County, about 70 miles from Raleigh.

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