North Carolina

Video shows Charlotte woman pulled away as flames engulf her home

Officials say one woman was seriously injured and a dog was rescued from a heavy fire at a house in north Charlotte Thursday night.

According to Charlotte Fire Department, the incident happened at a home on White Aspen Place. Cell phone video shows a group of neighbors pulling the victim away from the heavy flames.

Emergency medical officials say the woman suffered serious injuries and was taken to the hospital.

However, neighbors at the scene say they’re thankful the fire didn’t have a worse outcome.

“So thank God... no casualties with this fire,” said one woman who helped pull the victim from the flames. “Our neighborhood stuck together through this tragedy.”

Charlotte fire officials say the fire happened at a two-story house. Multiple emergency units responded to the scene.

Charlotte house fire
Charlotte Fire Department responds to large house fire. Charlotte Fire Department Charlotte Fire Department

Officials say 33 firefighters brought the fire under control in about 20 minutes. The home appeared to be severely damaged.

The cause of this fire is currently under investigation, but Charlotte fire officials were able to confirm Thursday night that it was not a home explosion.