North Carolina

A flying mattress smashes NC driver’s windshield, she says. Cops say it’s hit-and-run

A mattress strapped to a car flew off and smashed a North Carolina woman’s windshield, she says.

Briana Beasley was driving on I-73 in Greensboro earlier this month when it happened, according to the police report.

She merged into the exit lane and got behind a Nissan Sentra with a mattress and box spring strapped to it, according to her Facebook post.

Then, the “unthinkable happened” and the mattress flew off the car and smashed her windshield, she said on Facebook.

She told WFMY that the mattress flipped in the air several times before hitting her car.

She managed to pull off the road, but the other driver didn’t stop, she said on Facebook.

Luckily for Beasley, she wasn’t seriously hurt and only had minor scrapes and whiplash, she said.

“Even though I’m sitting here talking, I could not be here talking,” she told WFMY. “I could have been killed or severely hit just by a mattress hitting my windshield, and it’s little things like that I don’t think people think about.”

The Greensboro Police Department classified the incident as a hit-and-run, according to the police report.

“Accidents happen, but you don’t just leave, I don’t understand that,” Beasley told WFMY.

The police are looking for a silver Nissan Sentra, and the driver is facing a “failing to secure a load” citation and a hit-and-run charge, according to WFMY.

“Needless to say I’m never driving behind any vehicle on the highway even for a second that is hauling items,” she wrote on Facebook.