Holly Springs needs road improvements Will voters agree to pay for them Nov. 6?

Several road-improvement projects in Holly Springs could get underway if town voters approve a $40 million bond referendum Nov. 6.

Town leaders say they’ve heard residents’ concerns about traffic congestion and want to give them a voice in determining the solutions.

Mayor Dick Sears said there were more than enough projects that needed the money. “If the town passes the bond, we would use all the money,” he said.

The bond would raise the town property tax rate by a nickel, from 43.25 cents to 48.25 per $100 valuation in 2019 to pay off the bond debt over the next 20 years.

This translates into an increase of $50 per $100,000 in property value. An owner of a $300,000 property, for example, would pay $150 per year.

Town officials identified more than $100 million in road, sidewalk and bike-lane projects but chose only to fund the most pressing transportation needs.

The town will spend about $16 million on projects not likely to receive state or federal transportation dollars. It’s put these projects on the Green List.

Most of the money — about $24 million — will be used for larger, costlier projects on state-maintained roads inside the town limits. These projects are on the Purple List.

The largest group of projects will be around the Interstate 540 interchange. When it is built, it will impact Sunset Lake Road and Holly Springs Road. Improvements there will help the town prepare for the influx of vehicles to that area.

Green Projects List

Holly Springs Road – Widening, bike lanes, sidewalk from Flint Point Lane to Sunset Lake Road

NC 55 – New right turn southbound lane starting at Avent Ferry Road to Main Street Extended

Main Street – New right turn lane northbound at Holly Springs Road

Estes Lane – Connection will complete route for local traffic between N.C. Hwy. 55 and Bass Lake Road

Avent Ferry Road – Realignment and new construction will create a cross-town connection from Avent Ferry Road to Bass Lake Road by way of Stinson Avenue

Grigsby Avenue – Improvements to include widening, sidewalk, curb and gutter, and crosswalks

Purple Projects List

Sunset Lake Road – Improvements to help move traffic in the vicinity of the 540 interchange at Kildaire Farm Road

Holly Springs Road – Widening, sidewalk, bike lanes from Main Street to N.C. 55 Bypass, completing improvements on one of the most used thoroughfares in town

NC 55 Bypass – Increase the capacity of the turning lane onto Avent Ferry Road by extending it northward to Holly Springs Road