Officer gets ‘stinky punishment’ after helping skunk stuck in yogurt cup, video shows

A Massachusetts police officer’s good deed to a skunk in distress didn’t go unpunished.

The officer was trying to help a skunk frantically walking around a parking lot with a yogurt cup stuck on its head Monday, a video posted by the Cambridge Police Department on Tuesday shows.

Officer Dan McGinty tries multiple times to carefully help the animal, but he appears to have trouble as the skunk keeps getting away, the video shows.

He is eventually successful in freeing the skunk from the cup, the video shows, but not without some smelly consequences.

“While we are happy to report that the skunk was freed and uninjured, Officer McGinty’s good deed led to a stinky punishment (and multiple showers),” the police department wrote on Facebook.

Police also gave a shout-out to the maintenance crew in charge of “deskunking” the officer’s vehicle.

The video has been viewed 93,000 times as of Thursday afternoon.

“That little guy need to work on how he expresses his gratitude,” one person commented.

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Bailey Aldridge is a reporter covering real-time news in North and South Carolina. She has a degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.