Newlyweds heard a ‘noise’ on the 103rd floor Willis Tower Skydeck. It was cracking.

Just hours after a protective glass layer of the 103rd floor Willis Tower Skydeck in Chicago cracked, the tourist attraction is “open for business” again, media outlets reported.

Newlyweds Jesus and Karly Pintado were visiting the ledge Monday night when they witnessed the glass layer break, WTHR reported.

“I hear a noise like ‘ksh ksh ksh’ and it cracked,” Jesus Pintado told WTHR. “A woman with two little kids and they looked like pale because the whole glass is cracked.”

A 6 millimeter layer on the Skydeck also cracked in 2014, the Chicago Tribune reported at the time.

A spokeswoman for Willis Tower, formerly known as Sears Tower, said the protective layer is like a screen protector and confirmed it was replaced later that night and that no one was in danger, according to WMAK.

Still, Karly Pintado said she had no intention of walking on the glass after watching it break, according to CBS2 in Chicago.

“I’m scared of heights in general so when I saw that happen, I was like nope, not going on,” she told CBS.