Man shoves 4-foot python named Pasta in his pants to steal from pet store, video shows

Pasta the 4-foot long ball python was supposed to be adopted the same day that he went missing from a pet store in Michigan, an employee said.

When the workers of “I Love My Pets” in Rockwood, Michigan, noticed that the snake wasn’t in his cage, they figured he must have slithered away and escaped, WDIV reported.

They learned what actually happened to the python when they checked the store’s surveillance video, WDIV reported.

And now “the staff at I Love My Pets are in disbelief,” employee Emily Scheiwe posted to Facebook. “Someone stole our beautiful ball python...”

She posted surveillance video that shows what happened.

In the 52-second video, a man is seen grabbing Pasta from his glass cage before shoving the snake into his pants. The man was slightly hidden behind a bird cage.

Once the python was out of sight, the man walked around for about 30 seconds before walking out of the camera’s view.

Employees said the man was in the store “asking about snakes and wanting to buy a rat,” WDIV reported. “When Scheiwe left him alone for a moment he stole the snake by hiding it down his pants, officials said.”

The man did buy a $6 rat, WDIV reported, and he’s accused of stealing a $100 snake.

Now, the Rockwood Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying the man “who was seen on surveillance video stealing a Ball Python snake from I Love My Pets store in Rockwood on March 20, 2019,” according to a Facebook post.

If you recognize the man, police ask that you call 734-379-5323.

This isn’t the first time surveillance cameras have recorded someone stuffing a snake into their pants.

In 2017, a man put a $100 boa constrictor into his pants pocket before leaving “Tye-Dyed Iguana Reptiles” in Illinois, the Belleville News Democrat reported. The snake was found, and the pet store said it would be pressing charges against those who were arrested.

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