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The summer of fidget spinners — Baumgartner Vaughan

Fidget spinners come in all colors, patterns and even sports logos.
Fidget spinners come in all colors, patterns and even sports logos. Submitted photo

It’s the summer of spinners. No, not that trend of cool spinners on car tires. Fidget spinners. If you don’t know anyone under the age of 12, fidget spinners became all the rage at the end of the school year. It’s the concept of a spinning top, but you can hold it between your thumb and finger. They work on flat surfaces, too.

Like the silly bands and slap bracelets of yore, fidget spinners have taken over the minds and hands of children. And let’s admit it, a lot of adults, too.

On Friday, the Durham Bulls tweeted their entrance into the world of fidget spinners, with a Bulls blue spinner and the logo at the center.

Oooh, a Durham Bulls fidget spinner! I didn’t even realize I wanted one.

Well played.

Fidget spinners were really hard to find in May and early June, when the mass hysteria, I mean interest, hit its peak in schools. Once word got out about spinners in stock, they quickly sold out. This coincided with my son’s 9th birthday, so I ordered a glow in the dark one and a space pattern one online. Naturally as soon as they arrived, so did the shipments of spinners at every checkout. At the Michaels craft store at Brier Creek, the cashier told me they sold out in a few days every time a new shipment came in.

Educators have used the spinner frenzy to teach students how to make their own with three pennies, cardboard and a nut and bolt, guided by how-to videos on YouTube. My son made one and received several more for his birthday. His prized fidget spinner has his initials on it, special ordered by his godparents. He calls it his “executive fidget spinner.”

Now that fidget spinners —which can be found for about $4 on up to you don’t even want to know — are available everywhere, it’s about collecting a variety. I was on vacation recently at the Outer Banks, and the signs outside several souvenir stores noted “We have spinners.”

Well, so does everybody else now, too.

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