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Durham, Chapel Hill street posters advocate violence against anti-fascists group

These signs advocating violence against anti-fascists have appeared in Durham and Chapel Hill.
These signs advocating violence against anti-fascists have appeared in Durham and Chapel Hill.

Signs being spotted in Durham and Chapel Hill advocate violence against anti-fascists, according to social media posts.

“Hospitalize your local antifa scumbag,” says a black-and-white sign on a utility pole seen on one Facebook post. The sign also has three figures holding weapons.

Antifa refers to an anti-fascist groups that seeks to fight fascism with direct action.

Some media outlets have said the group’s goal is to physically confront white supremacists.

A man posted the poster on Facebook and said he saw it in front of his office. The signs was seen near the corner of Smith building at Buchanan Boulevard and Main Street another person wrote.

Durham City Councilman Charlie Reece tweeted the photo on his Twitter account.

Another person responded that they saw the same poster in front of the bus stop Rosemary and North Columbia streets in Chapel Hill, a block from the UNC Chapel Hill campus.

“I took one down, but it came back,” the tweet said.

The posters have the initials YWNRU, and an email YouWillNotReplaceUs@protonmail.com.

You will not replace us is a white-supremacist slogan and social media hashtag. White supremacists also repeated the slogan in chants in Charlottesville.

City Councilwoman Jillian Johnson said there were more signs earlier, but were probably already taken down.

Matt Gladdek, director of policy and planning for Downtown Durham Inc., wrote in a Facebook comment that he would ask downtown workers to take the signs down.

If anyone sees them, please call and report at 919-682-BULL(2855), he wrote.

Gladdek also posted on social media that he reported the email account to ProtonMail, which replied it has been suspended.

Meanwhile, Durham City-County Planning Director Pat Young has also directed his staff to remove the illegal signs on utility poles, he said in an email to Reece.

“Please let your staff know that they should exercise care in removing them from utility poles because such posters have been known to have razor blades or other sharp objects embedded behind them,” Reece wrote in a response.

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