Durham County

Hawk trapped in net rescued by Durham Sheriff’s Office

A hawk trapped in a water retention pond was rescued by the Durham County Sheriff’s Office earlier this week.

The hawk was spotted by Durham County resident Laura Andrews who called the sheriff’s Animal Services Division on April 9. Deputy J. Fitzherbert, a raptor aficionado, responded to the call, and while technically Animal Services isn't required to respond to wildlife calls, Animal Services deputies try to help whenever they can, said Tamara Gibbs, sheriff’s office senior public information officer.

“He came out to evaluate the situation and explained how he planned to get in the water to free it,” wrote Andrews in an email to the sheriff’s office. “I really appreciated his help and that of his two other coworkers.”

After the bird was freed, the deputy checked the hawk for injuries. In a video posted to the sheriff’s office’s various social media platforms, you can see the bird in Fitzherbert’s hands before it flies away. From a distance you hear it “squawk” to which Fitzherbert relies “You’re welcome.”