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Carrboro Kite Fly winds down weekend for families

Aiden Jenkins, 9, lets his kite take flight Sunday at the Carrboro Kite Fly in Anderson Community Park.
Aiden Jenkins, 9, lets his kite take flight Sunday at the Carrboro Kite Fly in Anderson Community Park.

With wind gusts reaching 10 miles per hour Sunday, 9-year-old Aidan Jenkins aimed for his kite to reach the highest height soaring through the atmosphere.

Along with his 10-year-old sister Lindsey, mother Tracy Jenkins and grandparents Robyn and Scott Goldsmith, of Chapel Hill, the family outing was at the annual Carrboro Kite Day in Anderson Community Park.

“It’s not easy,” Aidan said. “You need the wind is one thing and you don’t want it tangled but if you try to get it all the way up there like the guy with the panda, then it’ll stay there all day.”

Aidan’s flown kites before at an elementary school he used to attend, his mother said.

The children’s grandparents heard about the event through the News and Observer, and they elected it over playing marbles.

“Every time it seems like it’s new because you don’t do it too often,” Tracy Jenkins said.

The annual event is free and provides prizes for smallest kite, homemade kites, “best crash” or “best tangle,” said Sarah Parkins, supervisor for Carrboro’s Recreation and Parks Department.

“Carrboro does a lot of different events, and this is one of our many community events that we put on,” Parkins said. “I think it’s basically to have a lot of fun events within our department to have the community come out and participate.”

Chapel Hill residents Ethan and Holly Marshall, 5, and her father, Ethan Marshall, attended last year’s event and decided to venture out again this year.

“It’s dad’s secret,” Holly said of how her kite with streamers was able to dot the sky. “He’s the one who showed me how to fly it.”

Like the Marshall family, Brad Alexander was teaching his 4-year-old son the tricks to launching his multi-colored mosaic kite in the park, where they play disc golf each weekend.

“You got to make the string come untangled,” first-time flyer Jax said.

At age 10, Alanna Howes has kite flying almost mastered -- until her blue dolphin kite tangled with someone else’s.

“You just have to focus I guess and reel in when the wind is blowing,” Alanna said.

Her mother, Jennifer Howes, said the main point was to have fun.

They heard about the event through the town’s website when looking for summer events.

“We love to fly kites, and we love community events,” Jennifer Howes said.

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