Downtown Durham to get new dry cleaning service

A Fresh Dry Cleaning store located in Morrisville.
A Fresh Dry Cleaning store located in Morrisville. Courtesy of Fresh Dry Cleaning

Morrisville-based dry cleaning company Fresh Dry Cleaning will soon open a location in downtown Durham with the company selecting the lobby of the Bull City Business Center at 115 Market St. for a kiosk.

The addition of Fresh gives Durham its only dry cleaning service located inside the downtown loop.

Fresh owner Dawn Paige said she had been researching downtown for the past 18 months to determine where the best fit for a kiosk would be. She said the company is targeting the first half of April for opening.

Fresh has nine locations across the Triangle currently, including a stand-alone store in Morrisville and kiosks in several Raleigh apartment complexes such as Berkshire Cameron Village. This will be its first location in Durham.

“I was looking for a place with foot traffic, because my place in Morrisville is in a strip mall and you need a car to get there,” Paige said — noting that the downtown co-working space American Underground and three hotels will be located close by.

The company, which was started in 2015, uses a “smart locker” system that uses a software program that allows customers to leave notes about items, track orders and pay by app or online. Customers drop off their items in an open locker, and Fresh picks up the order and returns it within 48 hours.

The company’s software was built by the San Francisco-based Drop Locker Inc., which operates dry cleaning lockers in luxury apartment buildings.

Though all of its other locations are open 24 hours, Fresh’s downtown Durham location will not be open all day, as the Bull City Business Center closes around 6 p.m. Paige said she is negotiating with the building to extend hours.

Fresh will start its prices at $2.39 for a shirt, $5.55 for a suit jacket, $4.55 for pants and $3.99 for women’s blouses.

Zachery Eanes: 919-419-6684, @zeanes